ZHANG Haiming 张海明

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Dr. Professor, Doctoral supervisor
School of Physical Science and Technology

Tel: 13512459976
Fax: 022-83956320
E-mail: zhmtjwl@163.com


Zhang Haiming is a subject leading talent of Tianjin, and is currently the dean of the school of physical science and technology, Tiangong University. Since 1999, he has been mainly engaged in the research of wide band gap semiconductor optoelectronic functional materials and devices, Since 1999, he has been mainly engaged in the research of wide band gap semiconductor optoelectronic functional materials and devices, and has published more than 70 papers. More than 40 articles were collected by SCI and EI. In May 2006, he was awarded the third prize of the 10th Huo Yingdong Young college teacher’s competition.

Main courses:

college physics, physics of luminescence, photoelectric functional materials and devices

Research fields:

solar cells, gas sensor, electrospun nanofibers

Representative publications:

1.Yujie Li,Haiming Zhang,Enhanced acetone sensing performance based on hollow coral like SnO2–ZnO composite nanofibers,Journal of Materials Science- Materials in Electronics2019, 30, 15734-15743.

2Jing Cao, Shuangming Wang, Haiming Zhang, Constructing one dimensional Co3O4 hierarchical nanofibers as efficient sensing materials for rapid acetone gas detection, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019, 799, 513-520.

3Jing Cao, Ningrui Zhang , Haiming ZhangResearching the crystal phase effect on gas sensing performance in In2O3 nanofibersSensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 2020, 305, 127475.

4Jing Cao, Shuangming Wang, Haiming Zhang, Facile construction of Co3O4 porous microspheres with enhanced acetone gas sensing performances, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2019, 101 , 10-15.

5Jing Cao, Shuangming Wang, Haiming Zhang, Controllable synthesis of zinc oxide hierarchical architectures and theirexcellent formaldehyde gas sensing performances, Materials Letters, 2017, 202, 44-47.

6Jing Cao, HaimingZhang, Facile fabrication and enhanced formaldehyde gas sensing properties of nanoparticles-assembled chain-like NiO architectures, Materials Letters, 2016, 185, 40-42.

7. Lihuan Wang Jing CaoHaiming ZhangXiaoming Qian Facile synthesis and enhanced gas sensing properties of grain size-adjustable In2O3micro/nanotubesMaterials Letters2016171, 30-33.

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