YAN Xuequn 闫学群

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Dr. Professor, Doctoral supervisor
School of Physical Science and Technology

Tel: 13512853626
E-mail: yanxuequn@tiangong.edu.cn



03/2004-01/2007   Beijing Institute of Technology, PhD. Focus on quantum mechanics(quantum entanglement)

09/2001-12/2004    Beijing Institute of Technology, Masters. Focus on condensed matter physics(granular matter)

09/1982-06/1986    Department of Physics, Hebei University, Bachelor

Work Experience

01/2007-present    Tiangong University; Tianjin; Professor

07/1986-09/2001    Zhangjiakou University; Zhangjiakou, Hebei; Lecturer

Main courses:

Atomic physics

Quantum mechanics

Advanced quantum mechanics

Quantum field theory

Research fields:

Quantum information and Quantum Optics

Quantum correlations

Granular material Physics

Representative publications:

1. Jiu-Ming Li, Ming Hua, and Xue-Qun YanNOON State Generation with Phonons in Acoustic Wave Resonators Assisted by a Nitrogen-Vacancy-Center

EnsembleAnnalen der Physik2018, 1800430 (1 of 6)

2. Xue-QunYan, Fu-Zhong WangQuantum discord and entanglement of two atoms in a micromaser-type systemModern Physics Letters B, 201630(15): 1650190(16)

3. Xue-QunYan and Bo-Ying Zhang, Collapse-revival of quantum discord and

entanglement, Annals of Physics, 2014, 349:350-356

4. Xue-Qun Yan, Kun Meng, A comparison of quantum discord and entanglement in a micromaser-type system, International Journal of Theoretical Physics201453(8): 2746-2752

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9. Xue-Qun YanEntanglement sudden death of two atoms successive passing a cavityChaos, Solitons & Fractals, 200941(4):1645-1650

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