LIAO Bangquan 廖帮全

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Dr. Professor, Master supervisor

School of Physical Science and Technology

Tel: 022-83956405


Liao Bangquan obtained his bachelor degree in physics from Northeast Forestry University in 1994, obtained his master degree in physics from Beijing University of Technology in 1999, and obtained his doctor degree in optics from Nankai University in 2003. From 2003 to 2012 he worked in Tianjin Samsung Electronics Company and Tianjin Samsung Opto-electronics Company. Since 2012 he teaches in Tiangong University as professor.

Main courses:

Photoelectric technology, Analog electronic circuit, Principles of Electric Circuits

Research fields:

Sensing technology by optical fiber grating, Laser cladding, Electromagnetic shielding

Representative publications:

  1. Lu Hao, Li Nan, Wang Haibo, Liao Bangquan, Jiang Yaming, Jing Miaolei, Xu Zhiwei, Chen Li, Zhang Xingxiang, Research progress in 3D printing technology for carbon nanotubes composites,  Journal of Materials Engineering. 2019.

  2. Hao Lu,  Bangquan Liao,  Haibo Wang, Zhiwei Xu,  Nan Li, Liangsen Liu,  Xingxiang Zhang, Ning Wu, Electromagnetic shielding of ultrathin, lightweight and strong nonwoven composites decorated by a bandage style interlaced layer electropolymerized with polyaniline, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2019.

  3. Liao Bangquan, Zhang Yimo, The influence of bonding process of optical pickup head’s manufacture and the corresponding solution, Proc. SPIE 8201, 2011

  4. Liao Bangquan, Zhang Yimo, Zhao Qida, The correlation setting of the optical pickup head’s laser beam measuring equipment, Proc. SPIE 6027, 2006