LEI Jianbo 雷剑波

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Jianbo Lei

Dr. Professor, Master supervisor

Laser Technology Institute,

Physical Science and Technology College,

Tiangong University

Tel: 86-13752185968


2007.11 -            Full Professor at Laser Technology Institute,

School of Physical Science and Technology,

Tiangong University

2002.09 - 2007.07    Tiangong University, Tianjin, China

Ph.D. and M.E., School of Mechanical Engineering

1998.09 - 2002.07    Tiangong University, Tianjin, China

B.E., School of Mechanical Engineering

Main courses:

1.The principle of laser-material interaction

2.Laser additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology

Research fields:

  1. Interaction between Laser and material

2. Additive manufacturing and laser manufacturing

Representative publications:


  1. Heyu Song, Jianbo Lei*, Jichang Xie, etc., Laser Melting Deposition of K403 superalloy: the influence of processing parameters on the microstructure and wear performance. Journal of Alloys And Compounds, Volume 805, 15 October 2019, Pages 551-564.

  2. Xinling Song, Jianbo Lei*, Jichang Xie, Yan Fang, Microstructure and Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of Nickel-plated Carbon Nanotubes Composite Inconel718 Alloy Coatings by Laser Melting Deposition. Optics and Laser Technology, Volume 119, 2019.

  3. Xiaotian Feng, Jianbo Lei*, Hong Gu, and Shengfeng Zhou. Effect of scanning speeds on electrochemical corrosion resistance of laser cladding TC4 alloy. Chin. Phys. B. Vol. 28, No. 2 (2019) 026802.

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  5. Chuan Shi, Jianbo Lei*, Shengfeng Zhou, Xiaoqin Dai, Laichang Zhang. Microstructure and mechanical properties of carbon fibers strengthened Ni-based coatings by laser cladding: The effect of carbon fiber contents. Journal of Alloys & Compounds, 2018 , 744: 146-155.

  6. Jianbo Lei*, Chuan Shi, Shengfeng Zhou, Zhenjie Gu, Laichang Zhang. Enhanced corrosion and wear resistance properties of carbon fiber reinforced Ni-based composite coating by laser cladding. Surface & Coatings Technology, 2018, 334: 274-285.

  7. Jianbo Lei*, Zhi Wang, Junya Dou, Shengfeng Zhou, Jinbo Guo, Zhenjie Gu, Microstructure and residual stress of thermal barrier coatings by laser cladding and plasma spraying after high temperature oxidation. Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment, 2017, (1):139-145.

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