LIU Wei 刘巍

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Associate Professor & Master’s Supervisor

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Tiangong University

No. 399 BinShuiXi Road, XiQing District

Tianjin, 300387, PR China


Offifice +86–22–8395 5660

Cell +86–182 2262 4109

Research Interest

• Preparation and application of environmental functional materials

• Preparation and application of Janus particles

• Synthesis and characterization of polymer supported metal


Scientifific Education and Employment

2011.9 — Now Lecturer/Associate Professor, Master’s Supervisor

School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tiangong University

2011.1 — 2011.7 & 2012.1 — 2012.7 Postdoctoral Fellow

Nanostructured Interfaces and Surfaces center of Excellence (NIS), Italy

2008 — 2011 Doctor Degree in Material Science

Institution Doctoral School of Science and High Technology, University of Torino,


2004 — 2007 Master Degree in Polymer Science

Institution Key Laboratory of Functional Polymer Materials (Ministry of Education),

Nankai University

1999 — 2003 Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering/Computer Science

Institution School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/School of Electronic

Information Engineering, Tianjin UniversityCurriculum Vitae 2

Research Grant

Approved research grant as the Principle Investigator (PI):

2016-2018 National Natural Science Foundation of China

Title The preparation of half-raspberry-like Janus particles and the

construction of controllable autonomous micromotors

2014-2014 National Natural Science Foundation of China

Title Preparation of environmental stimulus Janus particles and the fabrication

of micromotor with controllable autonomous movement

2018-2019 Tianjin Research Program of Application Foundation and Advanced


Title Development of a new environmentally friendly polyurea double-layer

coating and the application of nanomaterials in painting

2012-2015 Tianjin Research Program of Application Foundation and Advanced


Title Preparation of a novel artifificial cell and the application in catalysis

2018-2021 The Science & Technology Development Fund of Tianjin Education

Commission for Higher Education

Title Preparation of a Janus spherical shell with unilateral pore structure and

construction of self driving microcarrier

2011-2014 Tianjin Higher Education Science and Technology Fund Planning Project

Title Research on the new preparation methods and properties of porous

polymer nanocapsules

Publication List

Representative Papers:

1 Title: New sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) composite membrane with the spherical

bell-typed superabsorbent microspheres: Excellent proton conductivity and water

retention properties at low humidity

Wei Liu*; Ning Luo; Peisen Li*; Xinlin Yang*; Zhao Dai*; Shidong Song; Junfu

Wei; Huan Zhang

Journal of Power Sources2020, 452: 227-823

2 Title: AuNPs-based ThermoresponsiveNanoreactor as an Effificient Catalyst for the Re

duction of 4-Nitrophenol

Wei Liu*; Xiaolian Zhu; Chengcheng Xu; Zhao Dai; Zhaohui Meng

Nanomaterials2018, 8(12): 963Curriculum Vitae 

3 Title: Preparation of highlycross-linked hydrophilic porous microspheres poly (N,N

methylenebisacrylamide) and poly (N,Nmethylenebisacrylamide-co-acrylicacid) with an

application on theremoval of cadmium

Wei Liu*; Xiaolian Zhu; Xinlin Yang; Ke Li; Zupeng Yang

Polymers for Advanced Technologies2018,29(11): 2724-2734

4 Title: Preparation of thermosensitivemicrocapsules and application on thecontrollable

drug delivery of ibuprofen

Wei Liu*; Peisen Li; Hongmei Zhang

International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials,

2018,67(16): 978-986

5 Title: Polypropylene nonwoven surface modifified through introducing porous

microspheres: Preparation, characterization and adsorption

Xiao Du; Junfu Wei*; Wei Liu; Xiangyu Zhou; Danyang Dai

Applied Surface Science2016, 360: 525-533

6 Title: Synthesis of multifunctional microspheres having polymer brush with

magnetism, flfluorescence, and pH-responsiveness

Tuanwei Liu, Bin Liu, Xiaomeng Fu, Shuxuan Sun, Wei Liu*, Guomin Bian,

Yonglin Qi, and Xinlin Yang*

Colloid Polymer and Science2015, 293: 809-816

7 Title: Preparation of polymer microspheres with reactive epoxy group and amino groups

as stabilizers for gold nanocolloids with recoverable catalysis

Tao Song; Meijun Zhou; Wei Liu*; Guomin Bian; Yonglin Qi; Feng Bai*; and

Xinlin Yang*

Colloid Polymer and Science2015, 293: 187-197

8 Title: Synthesis of poly(methacrylic acid)-manganese oxide dihydroxide/silica core-shell

and the corresponding hollow microspheres

Shuxuan Sun; Bin Liu; Xiaomeng Fu; Meijun Zhou; Wei Liu*; Guomin Bian;

Yonglin Qi; Xinlin Yang*

Journal of Colloid Interface Science2015, 438: 269-276

9 Title: Carbon dioxide and nitrogen adsorption on porous copolymers of divinylbenzene

and acrylic acid

Carlos O. Arean, Elena Groppo*, Wei Liu, Leticia F. Velasco, Jose B. Parra*

Adsorption2013, 19: 367-372

10 Title: Selective phenylacetylene hydrogenation on a polymer-supported palladium

catalyst monitored by FT-IR spectroscopy

Wei Liu, Carlos Otero Arean, Silvia Bordiga, Elena Groppo*, Adriano


ChemCatChem2011, 3: 222-226

11 Title: Subnanometric Pd Particles Stabilized Inside Highly Cross-Linked Polymeric


Elena Groppo*, Wei Liu, Olena Zavorotynska, Giovanni Agostini, Giuseppe

Spoto, Silvia Bordiga, Carlo Lamberti, Adriano Zecchina

Chemistry of Materials2010, 22: 2297-2308Curriculum Vitae 4

12 Title: Synthesis of Poly(Divinylbenzene-co-Acrylic Acid) Hollow Microspheres with

Gold Nanoparticles on the Interior Surface

Wei Liu, Xinlin Yang*, Xugang He

Chinese Journal of Polymer Science2009, 27: 275-284

13 Title: Size-controlled Gold Nanocolloids on Polymer Microsphere-stabilizer via

Interaction between Functional Groups and Gold Nanocolloids

Wei Liu, Xinlin Yang*, Lie Xie

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2007, 313: 494-502

14 Title: Catalytic Properties of Carboxylic Acid Functionalized-polymer Microspheres

stablized Gold Metallic Colloids

Wei Liu, Xinlin Yang*, Wenqiang Huang

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2006, 304: 160-165

Approved Patent

1 Title: A new preparation method of monodisperse porous polymer nanocapsules

Wei Liu; Jing Wang; Junfu Wei; Renlan Zhang; Sha Jin

ZL 201310538147.1. (Approved)

2 Title: A preparation method of semi strawberry Janus particles

Wei Liu; Ke Li; Xiaolong Tang; Jixuan Hu

ZL 201510004572.1 (Approved)

3 Title: Preparation of superhydrophobic fifiber membrane

Wei Liu; Peisen Li; Xiaolian Zhu; Lingling Wang

ZL 201710753033.7 (Approved)