ZHENG Yong 郑勇

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Associate professor

TEL: 18502696717


An architecture doctor from Tianjin University; a part-time researcher of Oriental Culture and Arts Communication Center of Nankai University; Tsinghua University visiting scholar; a teacher from School of Art and Fashion, Tianjin Polytechnic University; secretary general of Tianjin Artists Association Lacquer Painting Art Committee; Anhui craft and art celebrities; a member of Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute; secretary general of Tianjin Aesthetics Association Utensil Aesthetics Branch; a member of Tianjin Artists Association; a member of Anhui Artists Association Ceramic Art Committee; a member of Anhui Design Artists Association.

The course “Chinese Ceramic” was awarded as the brand course for foreign students for two years respectively by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission in 2014 and by Tianjin Polytechnic University in 2015. In 2016, the other course “Chinese Lacquer Painting” also won this honor. In addition, I, who was selected in National Art Found for College Lacquer Talents Training Program in 2016 and National Art Fund for Youth Art Talents Program in 2017, participated in the completion of 4 projects of the National Social Science Fund Youth Program and hosted 2 provincial projects about art scientifically planning as well as 8 bureau-level subjects.

In May 2016, “New Youth” of People’s Daily made a special report about “Youth • Looking for Ingenuity Youth” on the topic of “Ingenuity devoted to the spirit of ceramics”. In addition, China Science Daily’s 8th section of the 6778th  issue also made a theme report to me, “From playing mud to spreading ceramic culture”. Mainstream media such as CCTV, People’s Daily Online, Tianjin TV, Phoenix, North Network Online have conducted major reports on them. My works have been collected by World Crafts Council, Southwest Folk Art Museum, Guangdong University City Art Museum, Anhui Ceramic Art Committee, and individuals.

Main courses:

Chinese ceramic;Chinese lacquer painting

Research fields:

Chinese traditional arts and crafts innovation,Chinese ceramic;Chinese lacquer painting .

Representative Productions:


·Thoughts going with objects, Selected in the Tianjin Lacquer Paintings Exhibition for Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up [Tianjin--Art Gallery of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts ]


·Honest and Upright,Selected in Biennially Chinese Arts and Crafts Exhibition organized by Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute[ Beijing--National Museum Of China]

·Mi Fan,Selected in ”The first Anhui Lacquer Paintings Art Exhibition” organized by  China Artists Association and Anhui Artists Association[ Anhui---Art Gallery of Anhui Normal University ]   

·A work of 2018 selected in The First National Arts and Crafts Exhibition organized by China Artists Association[Shanghai--Shanghai Dragon Modern Arts Center]       

·Tiao dao wen diao qi da panSelected in Tsinghua University Visiting Scholars’ Works Exhibition organized by School of Arts, Tsinghua University[ Beijing--School of Arts, Tsinghua University]   


·Selected in National Art Fund for Youth Art Talents Program[ Beijing--China National Arts Fund ]      

·Yi Lian You MengSelected in the World·Fashion--The 4th Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Experimental Works Invitational Exhibition [ Jinan-- ShanDong Museum]          

·Shining with Its EssenceWon the silver award in the 6th Anhui Fine Arts Ceramic Arts Biennially Exhibition[ Huangshan-- China Huizhou Culture Museum ]

Selected in the 6th Anhui Fine ArtsExhibition[ Hefei--Anhui Art Museum]         

Selected  in the 5th Taiwan Strait Crafts Exhibition[Xiamen--Xiamen International Exhibition Center]

·The area of Green LotusWon the Bronze Award in the 7th Anhui Fine Arts and Crafts Fair Exhibition[Hefei——Anhui InternationalExhibition Center]

·Utensil of Longevity Collected by Southwest Modern Folk Arts Invitation Exhibition[ Chengdu--Southwest Modern Folk Art Museum]


·2016 Reporting Exhibition of National Art Fund for Training College Talents in LacquerArt Program[Tianjin--Art Gallery of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts]

·Won Bronze Awardin Shenzhen Artsl Expo[  Shenzhen--Shenzhen International Exhibition Center]  

·Won Silver Award of "Anhui Artisan Award"in Anhui Arts and Crafts Expo[Hefei--Anhui International Exhibition Center]  

·New Works,Invitational Exhibition of Celebrities’ Works[ Shanxi--Taiyuan Art Museum]        

·Won the Silver Award of China Ceramic Earth Award[Beijing--China International Exhibition Center]   


·Wuji; Won Bronze Award in Anhui Fine Arts and Crafts Expo[Anhui--Hefei International Exhibition Center]

·A ceramic work won Silver Award in Anhui Contemporary Ceramic Arts Works Exhibition[Anhui--Art Gallery of Hefei University of Technology]

·Won Bronze Award of "Anhui Artisan Award" in Anhui Arts and Crafts Expo[Anhui--Hefei International Exhibition Center]


·Du;Selected in the 3th ModelingArts NewersExhibition organized by China Artists Association[Beijing--National Art Museum of China]                           

·Nishang, Xun;Won Bronze Award in Nantong International Arts and Crafts Biennially Exhibition organized by China Arts and Crafts Association[Jiangsu--Nantong Art Museum]      

·Town;Selected in 12th National Arts Exhibition--Tianjin Art Exhibition organized by Tianjin Artists Association[Tianjin--Tianjin Art Museum ]                              

·Happy Alone ,Won “Gold Award” in Anhui Fine Arts Exhibition Ceramic Arts and Crafts Biennial Exhibition[Hefei--Art Gallery of Hefei University of Technology ]                 

·A Town Shaped like a Turtle;Selected in Calligraphy and Folk Arts Exhibition among Tianjin Colleges[Tianjin--Tianjin Vocational Institute ]


·The Shape of Turtle ,Won the Competition of Second Clean and Honest Culture Works among Tianjin Colleges                                                       [Tianjin]


·Wuji;Selected in the third Exhibition of “The Power of Focus” [Beijing--Today Art Museum]

·A work selected“Declaration of Independence” Nomination Exhibition among contemporary art schools [Beijing--Today Art Museum]                         

·Farmers and Workers Perform;Selected in Chinese and Korean Art Works Exchange Exhibition[  Busan-- Art Gallery of Tongmyong University]