NIU Hongjuan 牛洪娟

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NIU Hongjuan





Lecturer Niu Hongjuan received B.A. in Fashion Design from TianGong University and M.A. in Textile and Fashion Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. From September 2000, Lecturer Niu is teaching at School of Arts,TianGong University.

Main courses:

Minority Clothing Design

Clothing Accessories Design

Fabric Shaping

Clothing Category Combination

Research fields:

Fashion Trend Analysis

Desire Planning and Practice

Fiber Art

Research Grants

  1. Haiyang Xincheng Knitting Clothing Design Project

  2. Research on Training Mode of Top Innovative Fashion Design Talents

  3. Based on Multilevel Practice Platform (National Second-Class Prize)

  4. Research on the Teaching Reform of the Graduation Design in School-Enterprise Coordinated Type  

  5. Clothing Design Studio 2):Teaching Reform and PracticeSchool Level Education Reform Project

  6. Design and Development Project of Tianjin Baerdi Clothing Company

  7. A Research Report on the Education Quality Assurance System of Graduate Students in China (Sponsored by Tianjin Education Commission)

  8. Construction of Network Teaching Platform for Practical Training Courses in Line with Clothing Industry(Sponsored by Tianjin Education Commission)

  9. Clothing Design Studio (2) :Teaching Reform and Practice(Sponsored by Tianjin Polytechnic University)

  10. R & D Design and Product Release of Functional Technical Forms of Knitted Products (Sponsored by School of Art and Fashion)

  11. Coca Cola Creative Clothing Design (Sponsored by School of Art and Fashion)

  12. Industrial Design Patent(National Level)

  13. Talent Training Achievement Award of Fashion Week for Chinese College Students(National Level)

  14. Group Excellence Award of the 6th China Teachers and Students Competition (Provincial and Ministerial Level)

  15. Organization Award of the 1st "Zhili Cup" Children's Wear Competition (Provincial and Ministerial Level)

  16. Best Cooperative Institutions of Changshu Leisure Wear Elite Grand Prix (Provincial and Ministerial Level)

Major Awards

2014  Silver Medal in Tianjin Exhibition Area of National Art Exhibition

2014 Excellent Instructor Award in "Shishi Cup" Graduation Design Competition

2015 Best Instructor Award in "Jinni Cup" Fur-Like Clothing Design Competition

2016  Excellent Instructor Award in "VGRASS Donghua Cup" 10th China University Students' Solid Cutting Design Competition