WANG Haitao 王海涛

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Individual Resume:

NameWang Haitao

PositionProfessor, Master Supervisor

Major and EducationEnvironmental Engineering/ Doctoral candidate


Work and Education Experience:

2004/07- , School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tiangong University, Lecturer, Associate professor, Professor;

2006/09-2010/09, Institute of Membrane Science and Technology, Tiangong University, Doctor's degree;

2002/09-2004/07, School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, Master's degree

1998/09-2002/07, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Hebei Institute of Science and Technology, Bachelor's degree.


1. Online monitoring of water quality parameters using internet;

2. Study on preparation of PVDF ultrafiltration membranes and new type of nanofiltration membrane;

3. Recycling and utilization of wastewater using membrane;

4. Research on deep treatment and zero discharge of wastewater in printing and dyeing industry;

5. Application of artificial intelligence in environmental engineering.

Honors and Social Activity:

1. Tianjin Innovative Youth Talents in University2019

2. China-Denmark Joint Research Centre for Treatment and Reuse of Textile Sewage (Tiangong University), Executive Deputy Director2019

3.Science Popularization Expert of China Textile Engineering Society 2019


  1. Tianjin Key Science and Technology Program

  2. Shaoxing Science and Technology Plan for Emerging Industry

  3. Central Guidance on the Development of Local Science and Technology

  4. National Natural Science Foundation of China

  5. Tianjin Key Projects for the Universal of Science and Technology

  6. Tianjin Natural Science Foundation


1. Wang Haitao, Lu Meichan, Shi Mengshan, Ao De, Liu Yapan, Chang Na*. Regulation of the micro-structure of PVDF membrane via incorporation of nano-ZIF-7 for improving hydrophobicity and anti-wetting performance, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, ***2019.

2. Haitao Wang, Wei Wang, Liang Wang, Bin Zhao, Zhaohui Zhang, Xiaoming Xia, Huifang Yang, Yu Xue, Na Chang. Enhancement of hydrophilicity and the resistance for irreversible fouling of polysulfone (PSF) membrane immobilized with graphene oxide (GO) through chloromethylated and quaternized reaction, Chemical Engineering Journal334 (2018) 2068-2078.

3. Hai-Tao Wang, Ya-Pan Liu, Hao Zhang, Na Chang*, Wei Shao, Meng-Shan Shi, De Ao, Mei-Chan Lu. Design and synthesis of porous C–ZnO/TiO2@ZIF-8 multi-component nanosystem via pyrolysis strategy with high adsorption capacity and visible light photocatalytic activityMicroporous and Mesoporous Materials2882019

4. Hai-Tao Wang, Meng-Shan Shi, Hui-Fang Yang, Na Chang*, Hao Zhang, Ya-Pan Liu, Mei-Chan Lu, De Ao, De-Qing Chu*. Template-Free Synthesis of Nanosliced BiOBr Hollow Microspheres with High Surface Area and Efficient Photocatalytic ActivityMaterials Letters, 222 (2018) 164-167.