WANG Jie 王捷

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Professor ,Ph.D

State Key Laboratory of Membrane filtration and Processes,  Tiangong University,  China

Contact Information:

Room C205, Environmental Science and Engineering Bldg
Schoolof Environmental Science and Engineering, Tiangong University, Tianjin, China

Research Background & Interests

Prof. Wang has an initial background in Environmental Engineering and holds a Ph.D in Tianjin University,  China. He joined Tiangong University in 2007. Currently, he is Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tiangong University (TGU), China. He is also a core member of State Key Laboratory of Membrane filtration and Processes (TGU). He is honored with the distinguish professor of Tianjin and the middle-aged leading talents in science and technology.

Prof. Wang Wang’s research and expertise are mainly on the novel membrane bioreactor design, hollow fiber membrane module optimization in water and wastewater treatment, integrated processes on enhanced coagulation and membrane filtration in drinking water treatment. As the person in charge of four National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) Projects, and more than 10 industrial projects.

Prof. Wang Wang has published more than 80 technical papers including 10 patents, one book chapters since 2007. He is currently serving as member of IWA China youth committee and China Environmental Science Society.

Selected Publications:

  • Juan Tang, Hui Jia, Situ Mu, Fei Gao, Qingwen Qin, Jie Wang*, Characterizing synergistic effect of coagulant aid and membrane fouling during coagulation-ultrafiltration via in-situ Raman spectroscopy and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Water Research, 172, (2020): 115477

  • Zhao Cui, HuuHao Ngo, Zhiyang Cheng. Hongwei Zhang, Wenshan Guo. Xia Meng, HuiJia, Jie Wang*. Hysteresis effect on backwashing process in a submerged hollow fiber membrane bioreactor (MBR) applied to membrane fouling mitigation. Bioresource Technology 300 (2020): 122710

  • Wenbin Liu, Guang Yang , Hui Jia, Jie Wang*. A novel UASB-MFC dual sensors system for wastewater treatment: on-line sensor recovery and electrode cleaning in the long-term operation. Chemosphere 246 (2020) :125751

  • Qingwen Qin, Jie Wang*, Zhiyang Cheng, Zhao Cui, Juan Li. Investigation of shear-force distribution in the hollow fiber membrane module based on FBG sensing technology.Separation and Purification Technology. Available online 21 December 2019, 116458

  • Lingling Zhang, Hui Jia*, Jie Wang*, Haitao Wen, Juan Li. Characterization of Fouling and Concentration Polarization in Ion Exchange Membrane by In-situ Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. Journal of Membrane Science 5942020:117443

  • Guang Yang, Jie Wang*, Hongwei Zhang**, Hui Jia, Yang Zhang, Hongyan Fang, Fei Gao, Fluctuation of electrode potential based on molecular regulation induced diversity of electrogenesis behavior in multiple equilibrium microbial fuel cell. Chemosphere 237 (2019) 124453

  • Hui Jia**, Fangfang Feng, Jie Wang***, Huu-Hao Ngoc* , Wenshan Guo , Hongwei Zhang. On line monitoring local fouling behavior of membrane filtration process by in situ hydrodynamic and electrical measurements. Journal of Membrane Science 589 (2019) :117245

  • GuangYang, Hongyan Fang, JieWang*, Hui Jia, Hongwei Zhang. Enhanced anaerobic digestion of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) by blast furnace dust (BFD): Feasibility and mechanism. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 44(2019) :17709-17719  

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  • GuangYang, JieWang*, Hongwei Zhang, Hui Jia, Yang Zhang, Fei Gao. Applying bio-electric field of microbial fuel cell-upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor catalyzed blast furnace dusting ash for promoting anaerobic digestion. Water Research. 149 (2019) 215-224

  • Fei Gao, JieWang*, Hongwei Zhang, Hui Jia, Zhao Cui, Guang Yang. Aged PVDF and PSF ultrafiltration membranes restored by functional polydopamine for adjustable pore sizes and fouling control. Journal of Membrane Science 570–571 (2019) 156–167

  • Yufei Wang, Hui Jia, Jie Wang*, Benai ChengGuang YangFei Gao. Impacts of energy distribution and electric field on membrane fouling control in microbial fuel cell-membrane bioreactor (MFC-MBR) coupling system. Bioresource Technology 269 (2018) 339–345

  • Zhao Cui, Jie Wang*, Hongwei Zhang, Huu Hao Ngo, Hui Jia, Wenshan Guo, Fei Gao and Guang Yang. Investigation of backwashing effectiveness in membrane bioreactor (MBR) based on different membrane fouling stagesBioresource Technology 269 (2018) 355–362

  • HuiJia*, Wenbin Liu, JieWang*, Huu-Hao Ngo, Wenshan Guo, Hongwei Zhang. Optimization of sensing performance in an integrated dual sensors system combining microbial fuel cells and upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor. Chemosphere, 210 (2018) :931-940  

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  • Jie Wang*, Changchun Xin, Jinzhao Li, Lianfa Song, Hui Jia Micro-bubbles enhanced breakage warning for hollow fiber membrane integrity with a low-cost real-time monitoring device.Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2018) 25:24639–24652