XU Shichao 许世超

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Shichao Xu                   Curriculum Vitae                   Feb 2020

Shichao Xu(许世超), PhD, Associate Professor

Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE)

Tiangong University

Office: SESE 6D311Lab; 6C207(office)

Phone:+86-022-83955898; Email: Xushichao@tiangong.edu.cn

Homepage: http://hjhg.tjpu.edu.cn/961/list.htm (Chinese)

Baidu: https://baike.so.com/doc/9412726-9752744.html (Chinese)


Ph.D., 09/2006, University of Fukui, Fukui Ken, Japan

Department of Engineering

ME., 07/2003, Tiangong University (TiangongUniversity), Tianjin, China

Department of Applied chemistry

B.E., 07/2000, Tiangong University (Tiangong University), Tianjin, China

Department of Applied chemistry


Associate Professor, Tiangong University, China, 10/2009 – 03/2020

Assistant Professor, Tiangong University, China, 10/2006– 09/2009


  • Air pollution prevention and control: VOCs gas purification technology and equipment development in specific industries

  • Development of nano functional materials: biosensor and detection of harmful substances

  • Synthesis and analysis of functional chemicals


  • The second prize of Tianjin College Students' Extracurricular Science and Technology Works Competition (As instructor), 2014

  • National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students (As instructor), 2014-2016

  • First Prize of Tianjin University Student Chemistry Competition (Excellent instructor), 2015-2017


01/2018-12/2021 Removal of water-resistant organics by wet catalytic dehydrogenation of porous metal oxide composite and loaded hollow fiber membrane and its mechanism of action, 2nd Participant, Funded by NSFC

01/2017-12/2020 Study on the mechanism of rapid removal of POPs in micro polluted water based on enhanced adsorption, 4tth Participant, Funded by NSFC

09/2017-02/2019 Development of VOCs Waste Gas Purification Technology and Equipment, PI, Funded by Enterprise

01/2015-01/2016 Science Popularization Activities from the Perspective of Environmental Specialty, PI, Funded by Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Committee

03/2014-02/2016 Development of VOCs Purification Equipment in Spraying Industry, PI, Funded by Enterprise

10/2013-10/2014 Directional Adsorption and Non-destructive Research on Hazardous Gas Sensor, PI, Funded by Foreign Experts Bureau of Tianjin

04/2012-12/2014 Study on the microstructural regulation of Nanofluorescent DNA Probes, 2nd Participant, Funded by Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Committee

04/2007-12/2009 Study on nano fluorescent biosensor for DNA detection, PI, Funded by Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Committee


  1. Yang Qiao, Shichao Xu*, Tianzhe Zhu, Nan Tang, Xuejian Bai, Chunming Zheng, Preparation of Printable Double-network Hydrogels with Rapid Self-healing and High Elasticity Based on Hyaluronic Acid for Controlled Drug Release, Polymer, 86, 121994 (2020) SCI

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  3. Shichao Xu, Hao Duo, Chunming Zheng, Shihuai Zhao, Shidong Song, Gabriel Simon, Novel approach to fabrication of DNA Biosensor Based on a Carboxylated Graphene Oxide Decorated with Fe3O4 NPs for the Detection of Typhoidal Salmonella, International Journal of electrochemical science, 14[1], 1248-1269 (2019)SCI WOS000455046500097

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  12. He Lei; Ni Liusong , Zhang Xueping, Zhang Chen, Li Runlan, and Xu Shichao*, Fluorescent Detection of Specific DNA Sequences Related to Toxoplasma gondii Based on Magnetic Fluorescent Nanoparticles Fe3O4/CdTe Biosensor; International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review, 6[3], 130-139 (2015)

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01/2020 Zhu Tianzhe (Team Member of group XU)& Qiaoyang(Team Member of group XU), Visited Lab of Professor Suye and Nakane, University of Fukui, Japan.

11/2019 Zhang Hao, Professor from University of Alberta, Canada. Report “Computational materials science and its application in carbon dioxide capture by solid adsorbent”

01/2019 Duo Hao(Team Member of group XU), Visited Lab of Professor Suye, University of Fukui, Funded by Sakura Plan, Japan.

06/2018 Zeng Hongbo, Professor from University of Alberta, Canada. Report “Probing Intermolecular and Surface Interactions in Chemical Materials and Environmental Engineering Processes”

05/2018 Li Huahzou, Professor from University of Alberta, Canada. Report “Determination of the absolute adsorption/desorption isotherms of CH4 and n-C4H10 on shale from a nano-scale perspective”

04/2018 Suye Shin-ichiro, Professor from University of Fukui.

01/2018 Wen Junnan (Team Member of group XU), Visited Lab of Professor Suye, University of Fukui, Funded by Sakura Plan, Japan.

09/2017-12/2017 Xu Shichao, Visted University of Alberta, Canada.

09/2017-09/2019 Mu Chunsheng (Team Member of group XU), Visited Polytech Nice-Sohpia for ME.

03/2017-06/2017 Oversea students from France for shorterm exchange program

08/2017 Oversea students from University of Fukui, Japan, Funded by Sakura Plan.

01/2017 Zhang Yiyi (Team Member of group XU), Visited Lab of Professor Suye, University of Fukui, Funded by Sakura Plan, Japan.

08/2016 Oversea students from University of Fukui, Japan, Funded by Sakura Plan.

03/2016-06/2016 Oversea students from Poland for shorterm exchange program