XIE Qinxing 解勤兴

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Prof. Dr. XIE Qinxing

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Tiangong University

399 Binshui West Road

Tianjin 300387, China

Email: xieqinxing@tiangong.edu.cn

Prof. Dr. Qinxing Xie is a faculty member of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Tiangong University. He received his B.Sc. degree at Nanjing University in 1995, and M.Sc. degree at Nankai University in 1998. After that, he was hired as an engineer responsible for new products development by Tianjian Boyuan New Materials Co. Ltd that is a branch company of Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co. Ltd. He received his PH.D. in 2004 at Swiss Federal Institute of Zurich (ETH Zurich) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. R. Nesper, and then he continued his work as a postdoctoral fellow. He was hired with a permanent teaching position by the Department of Chemistry, and was cross-appointed to the Department of Chemical Engineering from 2005 to 2009 at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He joined Tiangong University (Tiangong University) as a full professor from 2010, and was nominated as the dean of the Department of Innovative Materials until 2017. Prof. Xie is now a guest editor of Shandong Chemical Industrial and Journal of Electronic Components and Information Technology.

Research fields

  1. Nanoarchitectured materials for energy storage: lithium ion batteries, Li-S batteries, supercapacitors, sodium (potassium/magnesium/zinc) ion batteries

  • Advanced electrodes for energy storage devices with high energy density and high power density;

  • Nanoarchitectured metal oxides (sulfides) and their composites;

  • Nanocarbons including graphene, carbon nanotubes, porous carbon and carbon nanofibers, as well as the carbon composites;

  • Nanoarchiectured porous silicon, germanium and their composites

  1. Energy conversion materials and devices

  • Thermoelectric devices and materials;

  • Solar cells and materials

Selected publications

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  2. Q. Xie*, Y. Zhang, D. Xie, P. Zhao, Nitrogen-enriched graphitic carbon encapsulated Fe3O4/Fe3C/Fe composite derived from EDTA-Fe(III) sodium complex as LiBs anodes with boosted performance, J. Electroanal. Chem., 857 (2020) 113749.

  3. Q. Xie*, Y. Zhang, D. Xie, P. Zhao, EDTA-Fe(III) sodium complex–derived bubble-like nitrogen-enriched highly graphitic carbon nanospheres as anodes with high specific capacity for lithium-ion batteries, Ionics, 26 (2020) 85-94.

  4. J.-X. Li, Q. Xie*, P. Zhao, C. Li, EDTA-Co(II) sodium complex derived Co(OH)2/Co3O4/Co nanoparticles embedded in nitrogen-enriched graphitic porous carbon as lithium-ion battery anode with superior cycling stability, Appl. Surf. Sci., 504 (2020) 144515.

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