LIANG Xiaoping 梁小平

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Liang Xiaoping

Supervisor of master, professor

School of Materials Science and Engineering

TianjinGong University, Tianjin, China



Liang Xiaoping, professor, supervisor of master. She graduated from Tianjin University with a PhD in 2003, and was a visiting scholar at University of Leeds and Arizona State University in 2004 and 2011, respectively. She was the mayor of science and technology in Haian, Jiangsu Province.

Research direction and academic achievements

Research direction:

1Inorganic functional coating.

2Electrocatalytic membrane reactor.

3Ceramic materials.

Academic achievements

Liang Xiaoping has been undertaking and leading nearly 30 of research projects supported by National SME Innovation Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation and horizontal projects. She has published about 90 academic papers, including 40 SCI and EI papers, and authorized about 10 patents.


Academic awards

Liang Xiaoping won Second Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award (2015), First Prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress of China National Textile And Apparel Council(2014), Third Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award (2015), First Prize of Liaoning Science and Technology Progress Award (2015), respectively.

Teaching and achievements

Course teaching:

1. < Material surface engineering >,  < Material surface engineering >graduate student.

2. < Material Science Foundation >, < ceramic technology >, <Nonmetallic Inorganic Materials professional foreign language > <Processing and Design of Materials (Bilingual)> undergraduate.

Teaching achievement:

The course of “Material surface engineering” was named  Excellent Course for Tianjin Engineering Degree Education Supervisory Committee in 2019. She won the third prize for the higher education achievement award of China National Textile and Apparel Council in 2017 and 2019, respectively. She won the title of  excellent instructor of the 6th national college students metallographic competition in 2018, and

Guided students to received 6 awards, including 1 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 3third prizes. She Guided students to received two times of the second prize of "Challenge Cup" Tianjin University Students' Extracurricular Science. She directed students to receive 5 grants from innovative entrepreneurship training programs for university students.

Representative paper

[1] MnOx /Ti Composite Membrane Anode in the Electrocatalytic Membrane Reactor for Phenolic Wastewater Treatment [J]. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2018, 165(2):E20-E27 SCI

[2] Investigation of electrocatalytic activity of nanostructure Ce-doped MnOx sol–gel coating deposited on porous Ti membrane electrode [J]. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology,2018,86:468–478 SCI

[3] Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance of Ag/Ce/La co-modified TiO2 photocatalysts [J]. Ferroelectrics, 2018, 522: 136–143  SCI

[4] PEO/PVDF-based gel polymer electrolyte by incorporating nano-TiO2 for electrochromic glass [J]. J Sol-Gel Sci Technol, 2017, 81:850–858  SCI

[5] Synthesis of SrAl2O4: Eu2+ phosphors co- doped with Dy3+, Tb3+, Si4+ and optimization of co-doping amount by response surface method [J]. Optical material, 2016, 53:94-100 SCI