LI Zheng 李政

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Associate Professor

School of Textile Science and Engineering

Tiangong University (TGU)

Tel: (+86) 158-2204-4516



Associate Professor LI Zheng graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology with a PhD in Biochemical engineering. His main teaching and research interests include Biopolymer materials and Biological Pigments and dyes. He has published over 30 SCI or EI journal papers, and over 50 patents. He works in the development of advanced biomaterials such as γ-polyglutamic acid-based hydrogel, bacterial cellulose and biological pigment and dye. He has been undertaking and leading a number of research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation and many company.

Courses taught


Biological Chemistry,  Textile Biological Technology and Sewage Treatment

Research areas

Biological textile materials and composites

γ-Polyglutamic acid and its hydrogels

Nano bacterial cellulose

Biological pigment and dye

Main publications

1.Wang Y., Dou C. Y., He G. D., Ban L. T., Huang L., Li Z.*, Gong J. X., Zhang J. F., Yu P. Biomedical Potential of Ultrafine Ag Nanoparticles Coated on Poly (Gamma-Glutamic Acid) Hydrogel with Special Reference to Wound Healing [J]. NANOMATERIALS, 2018, 8(5). (SCI, IF 3.504)

2.Wang Yu, He Guidong, Li Zheng*, Hua Jiachuan, Wu Maoqi, Gong Jixian, Zhang Jianfei, Ban Li-tong, Huang Liang. Novel Biological Hydrogel: Swelling Behaviors Study in Salt Solutions with Different Ionic Valence Number [J]. Polymers, 2018, 10(2):112-124. (SCI, IF 2.935)

3.Li Zheng*, He Guidong, Hua Jiachuan, Wu Maoqi, Guo Wen, Gong Jixian, Zhang Jianfei, Qiao Changsheng. Preparation of gamma-PGA hydrogels and swelling behaviors in salt solutions with different ionic valence numbers. RSC ADVANCES, 2017, 7(18):11085-11093.(SCI, IF 3.108)

4.Xia Wen, Li Zheng*, Xu Yinli, Zhuang Xupin, Jia Shiru, Zhang Jianfei. Bacterial Cellulose Based Electrode Material for Supercapacitors [J]. Progress in Chemistry, 2016, 28:1682-1688. (SCI, IF 0.820, Cover paper

5.Jiachuan Hua, ZhengLi*, WenXia, NingYang, Jixian Gong, Jianfei Zhang, Changsheng Qiao. Preparation and properties of EDC/NHS mediated crosslinking poly(gamma-glutamic acid)/epsilon-polylysine hydrogels. Materials Science and Engineering C. 2016(61):879–892 (SCI, IF 3.088) \o 查找此作者的更多记录Li Zheng6., \o 查找此作者的更多记录Wang Lifen, \o 查找此作者的更多记录Hua Jiachuan, \o 查找此作者的更多记录Jia Shiru, \o 查找此作者的更多记录Zhang, Jianfei, \o 查找此作者的更多记录Liu Hao. Production of nano bacterial cellulose from waste water of candied jujube-processing industry using Acetobacter xylinum. Carbohydrate polymers, 2015(120): 115-9 (SCI, IF 3.916)

7.Zheng Li, JiKe Lu, ZiXin Yang, Lu Han, Tianwei Tan. Utilization of white rice bran for production of L-lactic acid, Biomass and Bioenergy, 2012(39): 53-58 (SCI, IF 3.84)

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9.Zheng Li, JiKe Lu, Liqiang Zhao, Kai Xiao & Tianwei Tan, Improvement of L-Lactic Acid Production under Glucose Feedback Controlled Culture by Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2010 (162): 1762-1767 (SCI, IF:1.893);

10.Li, Zheng, Ding, Shaofeng, Li, zhaopeng, Tan, Tian-Wei, L-lactic acid production by Lactobacillus casei fermentation with corn steep liquor-supplemented acid-hydrolysate of soybean meal, Biotechnology Journal, 2006(1):1453–8 (SCI, 3.507)


1)Li Zheng, Xu Yinli, Gong Jixian, Wang Zhifang, Zhang Jianfei. Method for dyeing real silk fabric with natural black dye (一种天然黑色染料染真丝织物的方法). ZL2016111893911, granted: 30-Oct-2018

2)Li Zheng, Xu Yinli, Tang Wei, Gong Jixian, Wang Zhifang, Zhang Jianfei. Method for dyeing wool fabrics by natural dye extracted from black bean peels (一种取自黑豆皮的天然染料染羊毛织物的方法). ZL2016 1087 9586.2, granted: 30-Oct-2018

3)Li Zheng, Xu Yinli, Wang Yu,Tang Wei, Huang Liang, Ban Litong, Gong Jixian, Zhang Jianfei. Natural brown dye, and preparation method and application thereof (一种天然棕色染料及其制备方法和应用). ZL2016 1054 6613.4, granted: 30-Oct-2018

4)Li Zheng, Xia Wen, Zhang Xuling, Gong jixian, Zhang Meiling, Zhang Jianfei, Jia Shiru. High-specific-capacitance symmetrical type electrochemical capacitor and preparation method therefor (一种高比电容对称型电化学电容器及其制备方法). ZL ZL2016 1018 6172 1, granted: 10-Jul-2018

5)Li Zheng, He Guidong, Wei Panpan,Gao Xue, Gong Jixian, Zhang Jianfei, Qiao Changsheng. Cooling costume (一种降温服装). ZL2017 2095 6857.X, granted: 27-Jul-2018

6)Li Zheng, Hua Jiachuan, Zhang Jianfei, Gong jixian, Qiao Changshen. Method for preparing polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers by taking polyglutamic acid hydrogel as bridge (一种以聚谷氨酸水凝胶为架桥的聚乙烯醇纳米纤维制备方法). ZL2014 1031 4524.8, granted: 10-May-2017

7)Quan Quan, Li Zheng, Hua Jiachuan, Wang Jingxin, Zhang Jianfei, Gong jixian. Preparation method of high-strength gamma-polyglutamic acid hydrogel (一种高强度γ-聚谷氨酸水凝胶的制备方法). ZL2014 1025 5636.0, granted: 26-Dec-2017

8)Li Zheng, Chen Xi, Zhang Jianfei, Gong jixian. Method for dyeing wool by using natural dye lac dyer red (一种利用天然染料紫胶红染羊毛的方法). ZL 2014 1022 5929.4, granted: 26-Dec-2017

9)Li Zheng, Wang Yu, Zhang Jianfei. High-permeability-resistant saccharomyces (一株耐高渗酵母菌一种以聚谷氨酸水凝胶为架桥的聚乙烯醇纳米纤维制备方法). ZL 2011 1010 5971.9, granted: 5-Jue-2013

10)Li Zheng, Li Ji, Qiao Changshen, Zhang Jianfei. Aspergillus niger capable of producing cellulase at high yield (一株高产纤维素酶的黑曲霉). ZL201310571925.7, granted: 28-Nov-2017