Sports Teams

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 Swimming Team

Tiangong University is the first national high-level sports team pilot supported by Ministry of Education and the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. This high-level swimming team was established in September 2002, which has totally 20 national athletes now. Over the years, through unremitting efforts and active exploration, the swimming team has achieved many remarkable achievements in competitive sports.

    From 2003 to 2017, the swimming team participated in the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th World University Games, representing China for the eighth consecutive year, and won 7 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals. Till now, Tiangong University Swimming Team has won totally 190 gold medals, 102 silver medals and 89 bronze medals in the National College Swimming Championships, keeping a record of group championships for men and women for ten consecutive years. As one of the most representative symbols in the university, this high-level swimming team has not only cultivated and delivered many excellent swimming talents to the national, provincial and municipal teams, but also trained many excellent coaches for the country, provinces, local teams and foreign clubs.



Aerobics Team

   Founded in 2003, the Aerobics Team of Tiangong University has been known as the “king’s team” in the related field after 16 years of hard work. In the baptism of nearly 40 international competitions, this team has forged many aerobics stars, among which 14 members have equated international-player level, 40 members have reached nation-player level.


   By virtue of strict system and enterprising spirit, aerobics team has won 50 world championships, 20 runners-up, 30 third-place titles in the international and domestic Aerobics Championships. In 2018, it contributed one gold medal and two silver medals to the Chinese delegation in the World Aerobics Championship, and won two championships and one third place in the 2018 National Aerobics Championship.



Track and Field Team

In 1986, Tiangong University became one of the earliest schools approved by the State Education Committee to try out high-level sports teams. Its high-level track and field team was established in August, 2004 under the kindly care and strong support of the school’s leaders. In 2005, it began to recruit high-level student athletes for walking, middle-distance running and throwing. Over the past ten years, the track and field team has always adhered to the concept of “Promote Teaching and Research, Enhance Knowledge and Ability ”, constantly improving the competition level of track and field training, and has made numerous outstanding achievements.