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About Canteens on campus








There are totally five student canteens in the East and West living areas of Tiangong University. Its building area is about 32,000 square meters, which can accommodate 7,000 people at the same time. Among them, Dongyuan First Restaurant, Dongyuan Second Restaurant, Fangyuan Restaurant and Lanyuan Restaurant are located in East Living Area, while Xiyuan Restaurant is located in West Living Area. Each dining hall has a wide range of dishes from east, west, north and south, with diverse tastes and reasonable prices.

The first floor of each dining hall usually provides stir-fried dishes, mainly local dishes, supplemented by special dishes from other regions. All the dishes are clearly marked at price ranging from 2 to 6 RMB, and there are low-priced dishes and special dishes, which can meet the dining needs of different students.

The dining halls in second and third floor provide flavor food. For example, Tianjin pancakes, Chongqing casseroles, Chengdu flavor, Shanxi pasta, Lanzhou Ramen noodles, Hangzhou small cage bags, flavor roast fish, chilly pot, yellow stewed chicken, spicy hot pot, fish powder, rice noodles and so on, which enrich students’ dining needs.

Lanyuan Restaurant is a Muslim restaurant. It mainly sells Muslim home-cooked dishes, which has a variety of dishes and is economical. It is a good place for Muslim students to eat and gather. The restaurant has an independent processing operation area with the exclusive use of all kind of tools so as to earnestly respect the dining habits of minority students.

The business hours of Dongyuan and Xiyuan canteens are from 6:30am to 8:00pm.