Culture Activities

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Art Education and Cultural Activities



   Art education is the main way and content of implementing aesthetic education. It plays a unique and important role in strengthening the construction of campus culture, activating the campus cultural atmosphere, stimulating students’ divergent thinking ability, cultivating innovative talents, and promoting students’ all-round development and healthy growth.


“Diffusing Elegant Art into Campus Culture” Activity


    National and municipal-class troupes such as the Central Philharmonic Boys’ Chorus, Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Theatre, Tianjin Friendship Envoy Art Troupe, and the Central National Orchestra entered Tiangong University, performing excellent shows for school faculty and students. This series of meaningful activities gains highly praises and affections from people, which promoted the construction of campus culture and aesthetic education so as to promote the reform and development in art education.



Yiyuan Art Troupe

1.   Yiyuan Orchestra

Founded in 1997, Yiyuan Orchestra is a school-level student art group affiliated to the Art Education Center of Youth League Committee. Under the guidance of many top experts at home and abroad, the performance level has been continuously improved. It gave wonderful performances at various art parties inside and outside the school, winning metals in important competitions and praises from all walks of life. It’s a place where many music-loving college students can realize their stage dreams.

2.   Yiyuan Choir

Established in December 2001, Yiyuan Choir is another Student Art Troupe under the guidance of the Art Education Center of Youth League Committee. Its members are student music enthusiasts from various schools and departments. The chorus works performed by Yiyuan Choir cover different categories such as national music, classical music and pop music. As one of the most professional, organized and artistic associations in Tiangong University, Yiyuan Choir provides opportunities and stages for students to show themselves. In recent years, it has won the first prize of Tianjin School Literature and Art Exhibition, the first prize of University group among all Tianjin Universities’ Chorus.

3.   Yiyuan Folk Orchestra

Founded in 1999, Yiyuan Folk Orchestra dedicated to improving college students’ appreciation ability, aesthetic ability and performance ability of folk music, and promoting the dissemination of excellent national culture in China. As one of the students’ groups with longest history, Yiyuan Folk Orchestra has bowstring, plucking, playing and striking sections, and mainly performs in the form of ensemble, repetition, unison and solo. Because of well-trained, tacit understanding and excellent performance, it has achieved excellent results: Performing in Vienna Golden Hall as the first college students’ folk orchestra; winning the first prize in the third National University Students' Art Exhibition in 2015; winning many first prizes in the previous “Tianjin University Students’ Art Exhibition”; performing for visiting foreign guests and New Year’s Literature and Art Gala, Graduation Gala and so on.

4.   Yiyuan Dance Troupe

Yiyuan Dance Troupe is established in 2001 and has been growing steadily over the years with the concern of all school faculty. In line with the purpose of advocating elegant art and developing aesthetic education, it has always been rooted in the campus, adheres to serving teachers and students, regularly organizes and participates in various kinds of literary and artistic performances in Tianjin, and also participates in various major performances, competitions, cultural exchanges and the promotion of elegant art on behalf of the school.


Colorful Campus Activities

1. In the performance of literature and art on the 60th anniversary of the school’s founding, all the members of the art troupes, after three months of hard rehearsal, accomplished their task well and demonstrated the success of the school’s campus culture and art education.

2. Specially planned activity “Teacher-student Chorus Festival Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China ” has won unanimous recognition from the teachers and students of the school and contributed to the cohesion of the development of the school.

3. On behalf or Tiangong University, Yiyuan Folk Orchestra participated in the Davos Youth Scientists Forum, and successfully completed the performance task. It displayed the achievements of the school art troupe and art education, which were praised by Chinese and foreign guests.

4. Lasting three months, “The Campus Culture and Art Festival” is held from April to July every year. It includes a series of activities like the Top Ten Singers Competition, Dance Competition, Chorus Competition and Instrumental Music Competition. Every year, different content is added according to the actual needs, such as Crosstalk Competition, Art Works Competition, Broadcasting Host Competition, Aerobics Competition, which are very popular and deeply loved by the students.