ZHANG Yuzhong

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ZHANG Yuzhong, male, born in 1963, PHD, professor, doctoral supervisor, Tianjin 131 first level talent, State Council special post expert. Director of Innovation Team of New Functional Membrane Materials, Director of Separation Materials and Process Control Institute of Tiangong University, Deputy Director of Cultivation Base of State Key Laboratory of Hollow Fiber Membrane Materials and Membrane Process. Mainly engaged in the basic science and Application Research of membrane separation, pervaporation membrane process research. In the ultrafiltration/microfiltration technology, the research work on membrane materials, serialization of membrane species and special membranes, interdisciplinary application of membrane technology, and promotion and application of scientific research results were carried out. The clean production technology of membrane electrophoretic paint recovery and electrophoretic coating was studied, and the research of membrane wastewater recycling was carried out. The core technology of membrane advanced treatment of wastewater was mastered, and remarkable economic and environmental benefits were achieved. In recent years, he has presided over over more than 10 projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation and the Doctoral Foundation of the Ministry of Education; one new product at the national level; more than 100 academic papers and a monograph published in core journals at home and abroad such as J. Membrane Science; one excellent achievement award in the Ninth Five-Year Plan; and four provincial and ministerial prizes for scientific and technological progress.


research projects:


[1] Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (2017-2020): Design and Construction of Photo-controlled Adsorptive Porous Membrane for Flue Gas Desulfurization Based on Membrane Contactor (21676201);


[2] Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (2014-2017): Design and construction of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer intelligent switch membrane for complex whey protein separation system (51373120);


[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China (2010-2013): Structure and wettability of surface biomimetic separation membranes based on lotus leaf effect (50973083);


[4] National Natural Science Foundation of China (2011-2014): Construction and molecular recognition of self-assembled chiral switch functional membranes (51173132);


[5] International Cooperation Project of National Natural Fund (2007-2008): Application of Membrane Adsorbent in FCC Gasoline Desulfurization (50710105041);


[6] National Natural Science Foundation of China (2005-2007): Preparation of hybrid hollow fiber membrane adsorbents and their surface morphology and structure control (50473025);


[7] 2013 Marine Public Welfare Project: Development and Application Demonstration of Technological Equipment for Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification of Seawater Flue Gas by Membrane Method


[8] Doctoral Foundation of the Ministry of Education (2012-2014): Construction of supramolecular aggregate chiral switches based on polymer porous membranes and their environmental response characteristics (20111201110003);


[9] Tianjin Key Applied Foundation Project (2004-2007): Adsorption Functional Separation Membrane and Its Application in Protein Purification (043803911);


[10] Tianjin Key Applied Foundation Project (2011-2014): Supramolecular Selective Functional Membrane Construction and Desulfurization Performance of Fuel Cell Hydrogen Source (11JCZDJC21200);


[11] Tianjin Science and Technology Research Project (2005-2007): Preparation and Performance of New Functional Separation Membranes.