KANG Weimin

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KANG Weimin


Male, Professor/Doctoral Supervisor, Major in Nonwovens Materials and Engineering


Winning the first "Tianjin Youth Innovation Talents" (2018), Tianjin Higher Education "Young and Middle-aged Backbone Innovation Talents" (2018), Tianjin City "131 First-tier Talents Innovation Talents" (2018), National Textile Youth Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talents (2017)


Research field:


Large-scale preparation technology of electrospun nanofibers


Structure Design and Application of Nano Fiber Membrane


Preparation and application of inorganic nanofibers


Study on High Efficiency Electret Melt Spraying Nano-Fiber Filtration Material


Research findings:


In the past five years, he has published 63 SCI papers as the First and Communication Author, 38 papers and 2 highly cited papers.


 He is credited with 22 authorized invention patents (7 asthe first inventor), two of whichwon the Tianjin Patent Gold Prize, and 1 won the Textile Association Patent Gold Prize.


He has Participated in compiling 4 textbooks, published 2 Chinese monographs and 1 English monograph.


He has won one second prize of national science and technology progress (No. 6), five first prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology progress and five second prizes (No. 1).


He won the 2018 Textile Youth Science and Technology Award and the Baicao Fiber Textile Science and Technology Achievement Conversion Promotion Award.


 Students under his supervision won 2 Tianjin Innovation Primary Scholarships, 10 National Scholarships and 1 Golden Triple Nonwovens Design Competition Prize.


Email: kweimin@126.com.