HU Yunxia

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HU Yunxia


Researcher, Deputy Director of Key Laboratories


State Key Laboratory of Separation Membrane and Membrane Processes, TiangongUniversity


Email:, Phone: 86-22-83955129


Recruitment needs:


Students majoring in polymer, chemical engineering and environment are warmly welcomed to join the team to study for master's degree, doctor's degree and postdoctoral program.


Reseach Interests:

(1) Polymer materials; (2) Separation membrane technology; (3) Water treatment and chemical separation and concentration


Educational background:


2005.9-2010.8 University of Massachusetts, Amherst (University of Massachusetts, USA) Doctor of Polymer Science


2001.9-2004.1 Master of Polymer Materials Engineering, School of Materials, TianjinUniversity


1997.9-2001.7 Days, School of Materials, TianjinUniversity, Bachelor of Polymer Materials Engineering


1998.9-2001.7 Bachelor of Technology, Economics and Engineering, School of Management, TianjinUniversity


Job resume:


2017.1 - Professor, State Key Laboratory of Separation Membrane and Membrane Process, TiangongUniversity


Fellow, Institute of Coastal Zone, Chinese Academy of Sciences, September 2013-December 2016


MIT, Visiting Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


August 2012 - August 2013 Yale University, Assistant Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering and Environment, Yale University, USA


2010.9-2012.8 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, United States


Postdoctoral fellow


Honorary Awards:


Tianjin March 8th Red Flag Bearer 2018


Young Scientists in Shandong Province 2015


China's High-level Overseas Talents 2012


ShandongProvince "Taishan Scholars Overseas Special Experts" 2012


Presiding over scientific research and industrialization (first person in charge)


Key project of Tianjin Natural Fund, basic research on Preparation and application of aquaporin biomimetic separation membrane


2018/04-2021/03, 200,000 fund accomplished (Approval No. 18JCZDJC37100)


Tianjin Science and Technology Development Plan, Preparation and Application of High Performance Anti-pollution Positive Osmosis Membrane


2017/10-2018/09, 2 million in fund, accomplished hosting (Approval No. 17PTSYJC00060)



Fundamental Research on the Preparation and Application of New Positive Permeation Biomimetic Separation Membranes


2015/01-2018/128,810,000 yuanin fund, accomplished (approval number: 2147,6249)


Academy of Chinese Sciences Key Cultivation Project, High Value Utilization of Seawater Resources


2013/01-2015/12.2 million yuan in fund, accomplished (approval number: 355041041)


Development and Application of Ultra-low Pressure and High Flux Nanofiltration Membranes under the Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China


2012/07-2014/07, 500,000 yuan in fund, accoomplished (approval number: 12C26213704009)


The Key Project of Opening Key Laboratory of Membrane, TiangongUniversity, Surface Construction of Hydrophobic and Oil-thinning Nanofiber Membrane


2015/11-2016/12.15 million in fund, accomplished


Key Projects of Yantai Science and Technology Development Plan, Construction of Anti-fouling Membrane Distillation and Application of Seawater Desalination


2016/01-2018/12,500,000 in fund, accomplished


Academician Menachem Elimelech of YaleUniversity was appointed as Professor of Einstein's Workshop by a distinguished international scholar of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences.


2015/07-2015/08, 70,000 in fund, accomplished


Key R&D Program of ShandongProvince, Development and Application of Pollution Resistant Positive Osmosis Membranes


2015/01-2016/12,250,000in fund accomplisihed


Part-time Academic Job:


Director of China Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse Association


Member of Hydrophobic Membrane Association of China Membrane Industry Association


Representatives of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology


Member of Shandong Youth Federation


Shandong Association of Science and Technology National Science and Technology Think Tank Decision Consultant Expert


Member of the American Physical Society, member of the American Chemical Society, member of the World Society of Biomaterials


Membership of North American Membrane Society Membership of Asia Pacific Membrane Society Membership of China Membrane Society


ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, EST, JMS, Desalination, ACS AMI, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, ACS Applied Nano Materials, EST letters and other reviewers