LI Jianxin

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LI Jianxin, male, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, Ph. D.of University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Professor and Ph. D. supervisor of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tiangong University. Tianjin Distinguished Professor, Academic Leader of National Key Laboratory of Separation Membrane Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology), Director of National Joint Research Center of Separation Membrane Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology), Director of Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Program for Discipline in Universities (Project 111) - Director of Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base for Separation Membrane Membrane Subject, and The head of scientific research and innovation team of Ministry of Education and the head of Tianjin 131 innovation team. Editors of Journal of Water Sustainability (EDITOR), J. of Water Reuse and Desalination International Editorial Board, and the International J. of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) Editorial Board of Membrane Science and Technology. Vice-Chairman of IWAChinaTask Force on Membrane Technology. The lectures include Membrane Science and Technology, Material Preparation Technology and Design, and Introduction to Material Science. He has engaged himself in water resources, clean energy and clean production, biomass and other efficient utilization and transformation of green catalysis, membrane separation scientific basis and application research and related undergraduate and postgraduate teaching work for a long period of time. The main research fields are: (1) preparation of hollow fiber membrane materials; (2) new non-woven composite catalytic membrane and membrane chromatography; (3) electrochemical and electrocatalytic membrane reactor; (4) new membrane process and integration process.

He graduated from University of Stellenbosch in South Africain 2002 with a Ph.D in Polymer Science (from Professor Ron D. Sanderson). From 2002 to 2004, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado's Center for Membrane Science and Technology (MASTCenter), in collaboration with Professor Alan Greenberg. He has been employed by Tiangong University since 2004. He was a visiting scholar at Ohio State University from 2015 to 2016 and a visiting scholar at Kobe University from November to December 2018. More than 150 papers have been published in Germany's Applied Chemistry, ACSNano and other international academic journals, and 22 patents have been granted for inventions in China, the United States and Korea. The integrated technology of high performance hollow fiber membrane and non-woven composite catalytic membrane has been developed, which has produced important economic and social benefits in wastewater reuse and the application of resources to energy conversion. It has won one second prize of national technology invention and four provincial and ministerial awards. Guidance and training of more than 100 master/doctoral students (including more than 10 foreign students).

Recruitment of Master/Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering and Textile Science and Engineering and Master of Environmental Engineering. Contact: tel: 86-22-83955798; e-mail: Address: 6B430,SchoolofMaterial Science,399 Binshui West Road, Xiqing District,Tianjin(Zip code 300387)

Presiding over scientific research projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation ofChina: Multiscale Structure Regulation and Related Mechanisms of Polyether-Grafted Polysulfone/Nonwoven Composite Membrane Chromatography Based on Lithium Isotope Separation (2014-2017)

2. National Natural Science Foundation ofChina: Construction and Catalytic Synergy Mechanism of Titanium-based Electrocatalytic Membrane Reactor Supported by Nano-oxide for Cyclohexane Oxidation (2016-2019)

3. National Natural Science Foundation ofChina: Study on Preparation and selective separation mechanism of highly selective hollow fiber membranes for dye recycling (2019-2021)

4. Education Minister Jiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan: New Hollow Fiber Membranes and Their Application Technologies (2018-2021)

5.TianjinScience and Technology Project: Construction ofChina-ForeignJointResearchCenterfor Advanced Membrane Technology and Sustainable Water Resources (2018-2020)