SUN Baoshan 孙宝山

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SUN Baoshan


A Brief Introduction to Associate Professor








Dr. Sun Baoshan is an associate professor and master of computer science in Tiangong University.

Mainly engaged in cloud computing and large data analysis, computer network technology, embedded system design and development, computer detection technology in the application of textile composite materials and other related teaching and research work. In the past three years, more than ten academic papers have been published, 3 projects in provincial and ministerial projects have been completed, 3 projects have been involved in national natural fund projects, and a number of local and school grade projects have been completed and participated in. A number of horizontal projects have been completed. Dozens of undergraduate and graduate students have been successfully completed.


Tianjin University, master of computer application technology, Tianjin University of Technology, computer non-destructive testing direction, doctoral degree. Computer department teacher, and serves as the director of the research and graduate management office.

Main Research Direction

Cloud Computing and Large Data Analysis Technology

Computer Network

Computational Intelligence Algorithm and Application

Loss Detection with Computer