LIU Juncheng 刘俊成

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Dr. Prof. LIU Juncheng

Supervisor of doctor and master

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Tiangong University,

Tianjin, 300387





Prof. LIU got his Bachelor degree and Master degree at Shandong University, Ph. Doctor degree at Northwestern Polytechnic University. He carried out his Post Doctor research work at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He worked over one year as a visiting professor at University of Illinois at Chicago. Now he is a professor of school of materials science and engineering, director of Institute of Inorganic Functional Materials at Tiangong University. And he is also an outstanding professor of Tianjin Colleges and Universities,

Research Interests

Optoelectronic materials and devices; Crystal growth and solidification technology; Advanced ceramics; Convection, heat and mass transfer.

Academic Achievements

His five projects were supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China; and four projects were supported as sub items by National Key Science and Technology Projects of China. More than 150 papers have been published on journals. 12 invention patents have been granted. Three awards on science and technology have been granted by Province Government or National Ministry.

Teaching Activities:

Advanced Inorganic Materials; Crystal Growth; Solidification Theory; Ceramic Material ScienceSemiconductor device physics.

Selected Publications (Corresponding author or first author)

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