WANG Chunhong 王春红

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  WANG Chunhong

  Professor and PhD and mastersupervisor of School of Textile

  Science and Engineering, Tiangong University.


  Tel: +86 18802231369

Dr Chunhong Wang, graduated from Tiangong University with a PhD in Textile Materials and Textiles Design in 2008 and finished her postdocin University of British Columbia, Canada in 2010. She currently holds the positions of PhD supervisor; Professor of School of Textile Science and Engineering, Tiangong University; Managing director of the Society for the advancement of Material and Process Engineering(SAMPE); The second level talent of “131” Innovative Project in Tianjin; “Outstanding Young Teacher” in Tianjin.

1 Education Background

2008-2010: Post-doctor, School of Materials, University of British Columbia

2003-2008, M.A. & PhD, Textile materials and textile design, School of Textile Science and Engineering,Tiangong University.

1999-2003, B.A., Textile Engineering, School of Textile Science and Engineering,Tiangong University.

2 Professional Experience

2018-Today: Professor, School of Textile Science and Engineering, Tiangong University.

2011-2017: Associate Professor, School of Textile Science and Engineering, Tiangong University.

2008-2010: Lecturer, School of Textile Science and Engineering, Tiangong University.

Post-doctor, School of Materials, University of British Columbia.

3 Teaching Achievements

She has published 3 textbooks and monographs, won 13 teaching awards and guided students winning25 provincial and national competition awards.

  • Teaching course

  1. International students course: Green Textile Composite

  2. Postgraduate course: Professional English for Postgraduates

  3. Undergraduate course: Textile Composites

  • Textbooks and monographs

  1. Green Textile Composite, China Textile Press, 2019.

  2. Preparation technology of bamboo fiber and its products, China Textile Press,2014. (Won the second prize of excellent publication of Textile Industry Federation in 2014)

  3. Textile Commodity Inspection, Donghua University Press, Ministry-level planning textbooks, 2009.

  • Teaching awards

  1. The teaching reform achievement "Echelon team research teaching mode construction" won the second prize of teaching achievement award of China Textile Industry Federation in 2017.

  2. The course "Green textile composite materials" was awarded as the brand course of English teaching by the Ministry of education and Tianjin in 2016 and 2014, respectively.

  3. The teaching reform achievement "The teaching reform and practice of Textile Engineering Specialty Facing the industry demand of"nine plans, three platforms and five collaborations"won the first prize of the eighth higher education level teaching achievement of Tianjin in 2018.

  4. Guide students to participate in the "Challenge Cup" Tianjin University Students' extracurricular academic and technological works competition, and win the award of excellent instructor in 2015.

  5. The teaching reform achievement "course construction and practice of textile inspection and business major" won the second prize of education and teaching achievement award of China Textile Industry Federation in 2015.

  • Awards by students under supervision

  1. The students guided by her won a special prize, two second prizes and two third prizes for extracurricular academic science and technology works of Tianjin university students in the "challenge cup".

  2. The students guided by her won 4 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 7 third prizes in the SAMPE ultra-light composite carbon fiber bridge student competition organized by China aeronautical society and SAMPE mainland association. She also won the excellent instructor award.

  3. The students guided by her won three third prizes in the "Huayi resin cup" international student paper competition organized by China aeronautical society and SAMPE.

4 Researchand AcademicAchievements

In recent years, she has presided over more than 20 NSFC and TSTC and other governmental and commercial projects. She has published more than 130 papers in important journals at home and abroad, among which 40 were collected by SCI and EI. Authorized25 patents; Obtained 8 academic awards; Besides, she has developed a tianjin local standard.

  • Research direction

She is mainly engaged in the research of green environmental friendly and functional fiber, textile materials and green textile composite materials, including:

  1. Research on development technology and standardization of natural fiber.

  2. Research on process and engineering application technology of environmentally friendly natural fiber reinforced biodegradable/bio-based/recyclable composites for automotive, rail transit and aircraft applications.

  3. Functional bio-based textile materials for medical and health care.

  • Academic awards

  1. The project "Key technology and application of carbon fiber structure regulation based on mechanics and functional enhancement" won the "Excellence award of science and technology award of China textile industry federation" in 2019.

  2. The project "Dual-use plant fiber/high-performance fiber hybrid composite material" won the "2019 China textile industry federation dual-use technology innovation award" in 2019.

  3. The project "Preparation technology and application of blended thermally induced polymer-based hemp fiber reinforced composites" won the first prize of "Science and technology progress award of China textile industry federation" in 2017.

  4. The project "Research on extraction of straw fiber and its application in textile" won the second prize of "Hong Kong mulberry textile science and technology award" in 2016.

  5. The academic report "Study on the extraction of unidirectional continuous bamboo fiber and the properties of reinforced composites" won the second prize of "Excellent paper of the fifth full committee of bamboo branch of the Chinese forestry society and the 12th China bamboo academic conference" in 2016.

  • Standards

Develop the local standard of Tianjin “DB12/T 603-2015 Test method for flammability of infant clothing”.

 ◇Representative publications

[1] Comparison of the morphological and mechanical properties of oil Palm EFB fibres and kenaf fibres in nonwoven reinforced composites [J]. Industrial Crops & Products, 2019, 127: 55–65. (SCI)

[2] Investigation on the classified extraction of the bamboo fiber and its properties[J]. Journal of Natural Fibers, 2019, Accepted. (SCI)

[3] Investigation of Micro-fibril Angle of Flax Fibers Using X-ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy[J]. Journal of Natural Fibers, 2018, Accepted. (SCI)

[4] Effect of Alkali Treatment on Interfacial and Mechanical Properties of Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Unidirectional Composites[J]. Sains Malaysiana, 2019, 48(1): 173-181. (SCI

[5] Physico-Mechanical, Chemical Composition, Thermal Degradation and Crystallinity of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch, Kenaf and Polypropylene Fibres: A Comparatives Study[J]. Sains Malaysiana, 2018, 47(4): 839-851. (SCI

[6] Effect of Ramie Fabric Chemical Treatments on the Physical Properties of Thermoset Polylactic Acid (PLA) Composites[J]. Aerospace, 2018, 5(93): 1-12.

[7] Extraction and Performance Characterization of the Meyeriana Fiber[J]. Journal of Natural Fibers, 2016, 13(06): 759-768. (SCI)

[8] Mechanical, hygrothermal ageing and moisture absorption properties of bamboo fibers reinforced with polypropylene composites[J]. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2016, 35(13): 1062-1074. (SCI)

[9] Relationship between chemical composition, crystallinity, orientation and tensile strength of kenaf fiber[J]. Fibers and Polymers, 2016, 17(11): 1757-1764. (SCI)

[10] Investigation of the effect of clay nanoparticles on the thermal behavior of PLA using a heat flux rapid scanning rate calorimeter[J]. Polymer Testing, 2014, 35: 1-9. (SCI)


  1. A preparation method of low VOC hemp fiber with mechanical, nano and chemical combination. Invention patent, 2019.04.23.

  2. A low VOC hemp fiber composite based on nanotechnology and its preparation method. Invention patent, 2019.04.05.

  3. A composite nanofiber film for electromagnetic shielding and its preparation method. Invention patent, 2019.03.26.

  4. A preparation method of hemp fiber composite with low VOC. Invention patent, 2018.10.26.

  5. A low VOC natural fiber composite, its preparation and Application. Invention patent, 2018.10.26

  6. Kenaf aramid mixed fiber, aramid filament composite yarn based on syrofil and processing method. Invention patent, 2016.08.17.

  7. A preparation method of rice husk powder/non-medical waste composite. Invention patent, 2016.05.11.

  8. A manufacturing method of blended yarn of ramie and aramid. Invention patent, 2015.03.25.

  9. Antibacterial and dustproof mask based on cotton gauze and its processing method. Invention patent, 2016.03.30.

  10. Composite medical dressing with calcium alginate fiber. Invention patent, 2015.03.18.