Functional fibers and technical textiles

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  Using functional fibers and employing engineering structures, the specially designed technical textiles are different from household and wearing textiles, which have been widely applied to agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, civil engineering, constructions, transportations, medical and health care, environmental protection, new energy resources, aero-space and aeronautics and military fields. The main research achievements include neutron radiation resistant protective clothing, X-ray radiation resistant protective fiber and clothing, energy storage and temperature regulating fiber and materials, electret fiber and high efficiency medical filtration materials, hollow fiber and artificial organs, oil-absorbing and functional nonwovens, super water absorbent fiber and nonwovens, ion exchange fiber and battery separator material, bio-absorbent fiber and bio-degradable hemostatic dressing materials, functional super-fine fiber and warmth-retention materials, nano-composite fiber and sound-proof materials, nano-fiber and innovative functional materials, carbon fiber and composites.