HAN Qiru

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HAN Qirui 



Email: hqr_tjpu@163.com




Courses taught:
Software Engineering
Digital Image Processing
Software System Analyzing and Designing
Computer Graphics
Algorithm Design and Analysis


Research field:
Digital Image Processing
CAD system of textile


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2 Edge detection algorithm based on wavelet transform and mathematical morphology 2011 International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems Engineering  2011,7 p EI 20113814348602
3 Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of pavement and MATLAB simulation  2011 International Conference on Multimedia Technology 2011,7 p543-545 EI 20113814352848  
4 Real-time mobile customers short message system design and implementation PIAGENG 2013: Image Processing and Photonics for Agricultural Engineering 2013,1 pp8761 13