LIU Wenju

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LIU Wenju
Professor, Master of Engineering






Graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Nankai University in 1985. Working at School of Computer in Tiangong University.


Research field:
Enterprise Information,Computer Network Security


Courses taught
Advanced Language Programming,Programming Methodology,Artificial Intelligence and Expert System etc.


Research projects:
1  Integrated security system and key technology of WLAN.  Science and technology research projects from science and technology commission of Tianjin.
2  The technology of data collection and monitoring in textile production.  Promotion projects of scientific and technological achievements from science and technology commission of Tianjin.
3  The system of information data collection ,monitoring and managing.  Enterprise cooperation project from Tianjin Textile Group.
4  The platform for textile production management based on distributed loom monitoring.  Science and technology guidance project from China Textile Industry Association.


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1.Second prize of science and technology of China Textile Industry Association:The development and application of integrated system for loom data collection and monitoring,in October 2009
2. Third prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress:Jet loom production data collection and monitoring system,in December 2008.
3. Second prize of Sangma science and technology:Textile Information data collection, monitoring and management system,in November 2008.