SHI Haifeng 石海峰

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SHI Haifeng

Professor, Ph.D
Director of Institute of Functional Fiber


Tel/Fax:+86-22-83955282 (O)



Haifeng Shi is currently the Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering in the School of Material Science and Engineering, Tiangong University. He is also the Director of Institute of Functional Fiber. He has received a number of Talents Programs including the New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education,Second Class of 131 Innovative Talents and The Youth Innovative Talents in University, Tianjin Municipality. He also has received a number of awards including the State Technological Invention Award of China, the Technological Invention Award of Tianjin Municipality, China Association for Instrumental Analysis Award in Science and Technology.


Research Interests


structure and property of polymeric materials,
conformational variation and phase transition of polymers, the confined behavior of polymers, and the fabrication of high-performance fibers and textiles.
high-performance hollow fiber membrane for fuel cells, energy-storage and harvesting materials
phase transition of comb-like polymers.


Courses taught


Progress in Material Science, Preparation and Process of bio-materials,Reference Searching and Writing.


Selected Recent Publications


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