WU Xiaoqing 吴晓青

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WU Xiaoqing


Vice-bureau chief of Institute of Composites Materials








Xiaoqing Wu, Professor, vice director of composite researching institute of Tiangong University. Vice director of Advanced textile composite materials engineering research center of the education ministry. She has long been engaged in the researching and teaching of the preparation, structure and properties of three-dimensional textile composites. In twenty years of hard work, she has studied the liquid molding technology, carrying out a series of theoretical and applied investigation, completing a transformation from a small test pilot to the industrial production. The investigation results are now applied in the high-tech fields such as communication satellite and country defense etc. and have solved lots of key problems in the resin transfer molding process.



Courses taught


Composite forming technology



Research areas


Theory and technology of liquid molding of 3D Textile composites;

Modification of high performance resin and new technology of composite molding;

Research and application of ablation resistant composite materials.



Main publications


1.Quanzhou Li; Xiaoqing Wu, Study on curing kinetics of a novel epoxy resin system for hot-melt prepreg, Advanced Materials Research , 2012, 457-458: 453-6
2. Xuejian Shi; Xiaoqing Wu, Research progress of fiber reinforced cement composites, Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 457-458 : 549-52
3. Fan Xia; XiaoQing Wu, Work on low-velocity impact properties of foam sandwich composites with various face sheets, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites,2010, 29(7): 1045-54
4. Xiaoqing Wu; Jialu Li; Shenoi, R.A., A new method to determine fiber transverse permeability, Journal of Composite Materials, 2007, 41( 6) :747-56
5. Shenoi, R.A.; Xiaoqing Wu; Jialu Li, Measurement of braided preform permeability, Composites Science and Technology, 2005, 66 (15) : 3064-9