ZHAO Xiaoming 赵晓明

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ZHAO Xiaoming









Xiaoming Zhao, received his PhD in Heriot-Watt University(United Kingdom, 2004), and came back at the end of 2010. Then he joined in Tiangong University as a PhD Supervisor Professor and Specially-appointed Professor of Tianjin.

Main Research Direction

A) Protection fiber products.

1) Thermal Protection: research in thermal insulation mechanisms of fibers, toxicity test of the burning smoke, assessment of thermal protection efficiency, design of special thermal insulation fiber products, etc..

2) Biochemical and Nuclear Protection: digital model and simulation of protective system, design of protective equipment using physical/chemical methods, the objective assessment of the protective efficiency, real-time detection of biochemical gas and etc.

3) Electromagnetic Protection: electromagnetic wave propagation in fiber cluster structures, objective assessment of absorbing effects of fiber products and etc.

4) Mechanical Protection: the mechanical properties of special fiber products, mechanical anti-shock protection in specialty industries, etc.

B) Liquid-situ real-time analysis.

C) The development of smart materials, application and assessment.

D) Heat transfer, mass transfer in porous media and fluid dynamics problems: including the digital simulation and process optimization of fabric coating process and the dyeing process, etc.

E) On-line detection of industrial process (the development and application of light-electricity sensor)


Courses taught


Textile Introduction, Protective Textiles


Research areas  


Protective fiber products; Liquid in situ real-time analysis;

The development, application and evaluation of intelligent materials



Main publications


1. R Shamey, X Zhao, Woodhead Publishing, Modelling, Simulation, and Control of Dyeing Process, 2013
2. Naixing Feng, Jianxiong Li, *Xiaomiong Zhao, Efficient FDTD implementations of the higher-order PML using DSP techniques for arbitrary media; IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, VOL. 61, No. 5, May 2013, p2623-2629
3. Junying Tian, *Xiaoming Zhao, Dye concentration calculations using derivative ratio method in an online and in-situ optical fibre dyeing sensing system; Applied Mechanics and Materials; 2013, Vol:278-280, p731-734
4. X Zhao, G. K. Stylios, A Non-Newtonian Flow Model for Simulating the Fabric Coating Process
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5. X. Zhao, G K Stylios, R M Christie, Rheological behavior of polymer solutions during fabric coating, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 107, Issue 4, 2317 –
6. X Zhao, R H Wardman and R Shamey, Theoretical study of the influence of dispersion factor on dye transport during the dyeing process, Coloration Technology, 2006, April, 122, 110-114.4
7. 一种一氧化碳过滤去除材料的制备及用途(发明):