WANG Rui 王瑞

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Secretary of Textile Division

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The professor Wang Rui now is the doctoral tutor of textile science and engineering, and secretary of the Faculty of Textile in Tianjin Polytechnic University. In 1983, he graduated from the Textile Engineering Department in Tianjin Institute of Textile Science and Technology and taught here. In 1989, he got the Master's degree in Textile Engineering major in Tianjin Institute of Textile Science and Technology. In1994, he was sent to Japan to study by the Ministry of Education. In February 1998, he got the Ph.D. in materials processing engineering from Tohoku University. In 1998, he came back to his Alma Mater and then served as Vice President, Party secretary of the college, Party secretary of Textile Division, concentrating on the College Faculty teaching, researching, graduate students, laboratory, discipline construction, party building and other aspects of organization and management. In 2001, he was promoted to be a professor as a particular favor.

Courses taught

SpinningPrinciple, Textile Composites

Research areas

Advanced textile composites;

New materials and new technology of textile

Main publications


1)王瑞,刘星,李婷婷. 自修复微胶囊分散对复合材料拉伸性能的影响,复合材料学报,, vol.29(3)2012.06P90-97.

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