Large power semiconductor illuminating technology.

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  R&D Center is an “engineering research center of the Ministry of Education about high-power semiconductor lighting application system” and an “engineering center of semiconductor lighting technology in TianjinMunicipality”. Laboratories include photoelectric, intelligent lighting control, photoelectric properties study, environmental reliability, EMC, advanced process and flexible manufacturing and others. Systematic and in-depth researches have been made in semiconductor lighting materials, chips, packaging and application as well as light biosafety and intelligent lighting control. Collaborations are made with ChineseAcademy of Sciences, Fraunhofer Institute for Application Technology, Semiconductor Laboratory of University of Pennsylvania and Center of Semiconductor Lighting Technology (California).

  By virtue of professional spirit and technical strength, Gongda Hiyu Company was set up accordingly for continuously promoting technological innovation and developing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting products, providing professional lighting products and integrated solutions to its customers, which advocates reasonable lighting, scientific lighting and the philosophy of “green lighting, high-quality life”. As a reliable partner, the company always focuses on improving the quality of indoor & outdoor lighting environment and protecting the ecology.