Textile Engineering - Bachelor degree


Textile Engineering established in TJPU in 1912. A large number of professional experts have been educated and trained in the past decades. The main training of Textile engineering aims to teach textile knowledge and ability in textiles design, processing techniques, testing and controlling in textile manufacturing, trade and checking, high-tech and research in frontiers.


The main platform for the specialized courses includes: textile materials science, computer theory and applications, textile chemicals, business management and economic technical analysis, the spinning theory, weaving, knitting, fabric texture analysis and design, dyeing technique, etc.


Non-woven materials and engineering - Bachelor degree


Established in 1989 and formally enroll students in 2005, Non-woven materials and engineering is the earliest discipline in China. The aim of the discipline is to bring high-leveled talented person with knowledge on non-woven material and engineering. The graduated students can do processing design, product development, quality control & management, frontier research and trading for company, research center and universities.


The main platform for the specialized courses includes: non-woven theory, non-woven product development and marketing, non-woven professional foreign language, theory and application of fluid mechanics, non-woven equipment, biochemical and etc. There also has much training courses in enterprises and bases.


Light Chemical Engineering - Bachelor degree


Light Chemical engineering established in 1958. Formerly called dyeing and finishing discipline and now is the national characteristic discipline. In past decades, the discipline has bring up a large number of talents for Chinese textile industry.


The main platform for the specialized courses includes: chemical additives, dyes, chemical, and physical and chemical fiber, textile bleaching the whole process, color measurement and computer color, fabric dye transfer process, the fabric finishing, textile standards and testing, ecological textile processing and leathering, etc.

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