Founded in 2002, School of Economics is a new but promising school with a bright future. To achieve a high level both in teaching and research, since foundation, our school has always been followingthe concept of “discipline constructionis the main objective, training talents is the main task, and revolutionary innovation is the main motive.” With the brilliant achievements in its creative mechanism, staff training and academic interface, our school plays an important role in the development of TJPU.


Our school has about 60 teachers. Among them, more than 65% are professors and over 50% are P.H.D. Meanwhile the school has invited lots of well-known professors, government officials and professionals in enterprises as part-time teaching staff. The teachers are fully devoted and strict in education, some of which were awarded the titles of “New Century Talents”, “Well-known Teacher”, “Model Teacher”, ”Excellent Teacher”. And so on.  


Our school has five master programs and three bachelor programs. Five master programs are Finances, International Trade, Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, and Statistics. Three bachelor programs are International Economics and Trade, Finance and Economics. We also have 2 three-year vocational majors that is Customs Declaration and International Business. Totally, we have more than 1500 students in our school, lots of which, are awarded as “National Excellent Students”, “Top 10 Best Students in Tianjin”, and others. More than 95% of students find decent jobs after graduation. Graduates of our school are warmly welcomed and highly praised for their comprehensive qualities.


In short, School of Economics has set reasonable subjects with a solid and strong teaching strength as well as sound operation of management. It is one of the most dynamic and potential colleges in TJPU.

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