School of mechanical engineering is one of the three earliest schools of Tianjin Polytechnic University. It was initially founded in 1950s and was characterized by textile manufacturing. Up to now, the school has 7 departments that are machine manufacturing, textile manufacturing, mechatronic engineering, industrial design, measurement and instrumentation, building environment and facility and material molding. School of mechanical engineering has 1 postdoctoral research station of mechanical engineering and 2 doctor stations of mechanical design and theory and mechanical designand automation of textile manufacturing. The school now has 120 teachers and 2100 students. Among all the excellent teachers, 22 of them are professors and 37 are associate professors. Besides, the school is in a leading position in fields of textile manufacturing, laser processing and surface engineering, industrial robot and mechanism dynamics. The modern electromechanical equipment laboratory of the school is one of the key laboratories in Tianjin.

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