The school of International Education has committed to quicken the process of education internationalization and promote international communication and cooperation of Tianjin Polytechnic University(TJPU). It also aims to improve our school’s international reputation and focus on cultivating talents for application of Chinese language.


The number of foreign students of our school is increasing year by year since the undergraduate Chinese major was offered in 2007.We have a professional Chinese teaching force, among which 3 of them are professors, 9 are associate professors, 18 are instructors and other teaching staff.(including 19 teachers with the degree of master or upward, not counting the foreign teachers) We also have several qualified exchange teachers from other international colleges.


The School of International Education focuses on fostering students’practical Chinese language ability and at the same time exerts the advantage of the school subjects by introducing special courses such as business Chinese, scientific Chinese and so on, which adapt to the need of international professionals market. Other special courses such as professional training, Chinese culture,“Chinese+”and the like which are based on Chinese language are offered to students as well. Our school has also established good cooperation relationship with other universities and companies so as to provide students with opportunities to participate in social field trips and other social activities.


Tianjin Polytechnic University has a long educational history. In language teaching, the school is equipped with advanced teaching facilities, which is able to fullfill the needs of teaching at multiple levels. The School of International Education of TJPU is creating a number of mutifunctional learning places for students, which includes the Chinese Character Culture Showroom, the self-access learning center and so on,in order to build an international, professional and diversified education platform.

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