The major of textile was established in 1912 which has the longest history and advantages inTianjinPolytechnic University. With over 100 years of teaching, research, and extension, the school of textiles has proven to be the leading textile school inChina. The teachers from school of textiles paid more attention on the training of basic knowledge and ability that prepares students for careers in the new global business environment in design, development and manufacture of products of variety of applications.


The school of textiles offers programs undergraduate (major of Textile Engineering, Non-woven Materials and Engineering, Light Chemical Engineering, Building Environment and Equipment Engineering) and graduate (Master and Doctor of philosophy degree, major of Textile Engineering, Textile Materials and Textile Design, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering). And the major of Textile Engineering is the key discipline at the provincial and ministerial level.


School of textiles has six academic departments named textile engineering, knitwear and knitted garment system, testing of textiles and business, non-woven materials and engineering, Building Environment and Equipment Engineering. In addition to these departments, the school of textiles has the post-doctoral research center, textile testing center, textile CAD center, textile experiment center, lab of Building Environment and Equipment Engineering, advanced textile processing and testing equipments.


Currently, the school of textiles has 21 professors, 33 associate professors, 40 lecturers and senior experimentalists, 2200 students in reading. The projects coming from aspects of textile materials, new technology and new products funded by nation, province and research partners.The school of Textiles strives to strengthen our relationship with industry and to develop new research partners.

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