XIA Changliang夏长亮

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XIA Changliang




E-mail: clxia@tjpu.edu.cn


Prof. Xia is the “Yangtze Fund Scholar” distinguished professor, the winner of National Science Foundation for distinguished young Scholars of China, the chief scientist of the National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 Project), Youth Science and Technology Innovation Elitist, and the national candidate of National New Century Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project. He has been honored the “Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award” and the National Award for Youth in Science and Technology, and obtained the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Advancement (Rank First) in 2011.

He also serves as many academic duties, such as the IET Fellow, the Director of China Electrotechnical Society (CES), and Deputy committee director in Electric Control System and Equipment Committee of CES, etc.

Main courses:

Electrical Machineries

Research fields:

Motor control and power electronics

Wind energy conversion system and intelligent control

Electrical energy saving control technology

Representative Productions:

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[2] Xia Changliang. Permanent Magnet Wind Generation System Operation and Control, Science Press, China, 2012.
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[6] Xia Changliang, Xiao Youwen, Chen Wei, Shi Tingna. Torque Ripple Reduction in Brushless DC Drives Based on Reference Current Optimization Using Integral Variable Structure Control. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2014, 61(2): 738-752.
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