CHEN Yimei陈奕梅

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CHEN Yimei

Supervisor of master,Associate Professor

School of Electrical Engineering and Automation

TianjinPolytechnicUniversity, Tianjin, China



Chen Yimei, Female,She Received the Ph.D in Control Theory and Control Engineering, School of Electronic Information andElectrical Engineering, School of Electronic Information andElectrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2005and she was hired as an associate professor in 2007.

Research direction and academic achievements

Research direction:

(1)Nonlinear control theory and its applications.

(2)Robot control technology

Academic achievements

Chen Yimei has been undertaking and leading nearly 10 of research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation and horizontal projects. She has published nearly 30 high-level academic papers, including 15 SCI and EI papers, and applied for 8 patents.

Teaching and achievements

Course teaching:

1.<Advanced process control>, graduate student.

2.<Principle of automatic control>, undergraduate.

3. <Microcontroller Application Technology>, undergraduate (Chinese and foreign students).

Teaching research:

1. Research on achievement evaluation of automation graduation requirements based on engineering education certification. The research project of higher education teaching reform in Tianjin Polytechnic University, 2016.7-2017.6

Compilation of teaching materials:

1.Easy upgrade of 8 to 32 bit micro-controller -- Introduction and development application of Flexis series micro-controller,Electronic Industry Press,2009.

2.Principle of artificial intelligence, Machinery Industry Press, 2011.

Teaching achievement:

Won the first prize of "textile light" for the higher education achievement award of China National Textile and Apparel Council. Guiding students to participate in theprovincial and ministerial level student competition, and received8 awards. Appraising the outstanding instructors of the Tianjin undergraduate excellent graduation thesis.

Representative paper

[1]Yimei chen, Yue Zhao. The Design of the Four Rotor Unmanned Aircraft Control Algorithm, TThe 29th Chinese Control and Decision Conference. 2017EI

[2]Yimei Chen, Dapeng Wu, Chunbo Xiu. Nonlinear direct robust adaptive control using Lyapunov method[J]. Telkomnika, 2014(EI)

[3]Yimei Chen, Shaoru Chen. Nonlinear robust adaptive control using direct adaptive method[J]. Information Technology Applications in Industry, 2013EI

[4]Yimei Chen. Global stabilization of nonlinear system with developed control lyapunov function. Procedia Engineering2011(EI)

[5]Yimei Chen, Global path following for 6-degrees underactuated vehicle. 2009 ISECS International Colloquium on Computing, Communication, Control, and Management, 2009  (EI)