WANG Zhiguo



WANG Zhiguo

Associate Professor  


Wang Zhiguo, associate professor, supervisor of master. He graduated from Nankai University with a PhD in 2011, and completed the postdoctoral research from The Tianjin Normal Universityin 2016. Also he was a visitingscholar to The Ohio State University in from 2014-2015. Currentlyhe is the vice secretary of the Chineseclassicstranslation association.He has been undertaking and leading nearly 15 of research projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, and the Post-doctoral Foundation. He has published nearly 40 high-level academic papers, including 10CSSCI and 5key papers, and published two books. To be exact, the project of “on Translation and Transmission of Minority Living Epics” (16BYY025), supported by China Social Science foundation. The project of “On Media transformation in Transmission of Epic Gesar” (2014M551031), supported by China Postdoctoral Science foundation. Presided: The project of “On the Transmission and Translation of Live Epic Gesar” (12YJC740107), supported by the Fund of Humanities & Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education.

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