Traditional Chinese Culture Studying Tour Begins for Short-term Students in TJPU this summer vacation


June 26, 2017, foreign students short-term work in summer vacation officially started. This short-term class takes the theme of traditional Chinese culture learning, not only has the Chinese language comprehensive courses and oral practice classes, but also arranges a variety of Chinese traditional culture experience courses and activities, including Paper Cutting, Chinese knot, Making Chinese Dumpling, Chinese Kung fu, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Marriage Culture,  Chinese Painting, Peking Opera etc, totally 13 courses.

  July 1, 2017, short-term class students were divided into different classes to experience the traditional Chinese culture, like Paper Cutting, Chinese knot, Chinese Calligraphy and other activities. Chinese calligraphy experience got the warmest welcome of the students. The teacher began to teach from the way to hold the brush pen, regular script of the basic strokes, and taught step by step with the famous "Yong word eight laws" as the starting point. And the five words "peace(), luck(), friend(), love(), heart()" were the favorite Chinese characters that students  liked to practice writing. the teacher told students  writing techniques, while introducing profound connotations of the structure and combination in the Chinese calligraphy. Foreign students were very interested in the knowledge and totally into the learning procedure.


  Paper-cutting experience which was in the form of handmade made students closer to the Chinese traditional culture and got a taste of the charm of Chinese folk art. In the classroom, the teacher first showed some pictures to let students feel the paper-cut culture directly, and then made the paper-cut by hand together, creating their favorite paper-cut works, like auspicious double happiness, vivid butterflies, six petals of snow. In this way students in the classroom felt deeply to the charm of the traditional Chinese culture.


  In another classroom, the teacher introduced the  history and development of Chinese knot to the students, and showed the exquisite Chinese knot. Students were listening carefully to the teacher, and then couldn't wait to try to make it in person. Each Students, in just two hours, had independently completed a Chinese knot work. Some of them even challenged to complete more tricky work. During the class, students from all countries showed great interest in Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts.


  It is reported that there are nearly 200 foreign students from 7 countries in this summer short-term classes including South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. The short-term class is based on  Traditional Chinese Culture International Communication Center and in order to achieve the goal of "educate and influence people by nice culture". The School of International Education has continued the "class teacher - teaching instructor - student teaching assistant - student common assistant" mode and combined teaching and practice tightly. The School also has improved Chinese traditional culture learning system and set up a variety of curriculum activities which have a profound Chinese culture and show them to all the short-term foreign students in the June 26 to July 14 for a period of three weeks.

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