Environmental Science and Engineering


Based on the advantage of Environmental Engineering asthekey discipline of Tianjin,weofferMaster degree in Environmental Science and Engineering in English. It is a two-and-half years program.The goal of this programis tocultivatesenior professionaltalents in the fields ofthe pollution treatment and prevention of water, air and solid waste in city and town, drainage engineering, water resources protection, membrane science and technology, etc. The candidates will have good hands-on and practical experiences on engineering design, research, program management, and have opportunities to participate  one of research activities inState Key Laboratory of Separation Membranes and Membrane Processes, such asmembranematerial, waste water treatment, water pollution control technology & integration of equipment and environment management, etc.In this program, the candidates need to obtain noless than 30 credits in the first year of the study and finish graduation thesis in the rest one-and-half years. Anyone with one of bachelor degrees in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Material Engineering, Material Science or Applied Chemistry is welcome to apply for this program and study in TJPU.


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