Check-in and Registration Information for 2017 September admission


For Tianjin Polytechnic University(TJPU) new international students


1. Check-in on campus

If you have obtained X visa and reserved dormitory placement on campus, you need to go to dormitory keeper’s room 517 (Tel:83955656) in Gongda Hotel to check-in. New students individual arrival is accepted to check-in after August 26,2017 on daytime.


2.Registration Date

The registration date for new students is from Sept.1,2017 to Sept.2,2017 in School of International Education. You are requied to to email to for applying for registration extension permission if you cannot register on the set period. The deadline for students to register with permitted extension is September 30,2017.


3.Complete registration in School of International Education(international office)

Firstly Sign your name in General service room 101 to start registration, get TJPU student regulations and guidance leaflets, be sure to register with teachers listed below in School of International Education.

Mr.Chen Hai in office 208 (Admission, tel:83955625)

Admissions and tuition fee verification.

Mrs. Du Meng in office 205 (Teaching affairs, tel:83955665 )

Get class time table and book list.

(only for Chinese language study student and Chinese language undergraduate student)

Mr.Zhang Wei in office 209 (Teaching affairs,tel:83955636 )

Get class time table and direct to degree study school in TJPU.

(For Undergraduate and postgraduate degree study student)

Mr.Bu He in office 209 (teaching affairs,tel:83955636 )

Join a class after classification.

Mr.Qi Shuoliang in office 207 (Passport and visa, tel:83955354 )

Student X2 visa verification,X1 visa change to Type R Visa and Visa extension.

Mrs. Xue Mei in office 206 (General office,tel:83955608 )

Cashier, Dormitory arrangment and fee payment instruction.


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