Computer science and technology


1. professional profiles

Department of computer science and technology was founded in 1984, specializing in its long history, good basic conditions, has formed a good tradition of running and characteristics, has advantages in terms of teaching, teachers, teaching resources, teaching management and other aspects of hardware and software. The third round of the Ministry of education discipline evaluation, the subject ranks according to the top 40% of the participating disciplines. At present, the major for the construction of English in Tianjin University of Technology, has received from Pakistan, South Africa and other countries undergraduate students to study.

2. training objectives

The professional training students to master computer software, hardware, network and other basic theoretical knowledge, basic skills and methods systematically, so that students receive basic training in computer research and computer application, and has the basic ability of research and development of computer system, with innovative spirit and practice ability.

3. training requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory of computer science and technology and the basic knowledge, basic training in computer principle research and computer engineering, master computer system level of cognitive ability and practice ability.

Graduates should have the following knowledge and ability:

A.Mastering the knowledge of mathematics and other relevant natural sciences required for the profession;

B.Systematically grasp the basic theory and professional knowledge of computer science and technology, understand the basic concepts, knowledge structure, typical methods of the discipline, and establish the core professional consciousness;

C.The basic thinking and research methods of computing science, have good scientific literacy and certain engineering consciousness, knowledge, methods and techniques and with the integrated use of the master to solve practical problems;

D.Understand the current situation and trend of the development of computer science and technology, have the consciousness of innovation, and have the preliminary ability of technological innovation and product innovation

E.Understand the important laws, regulations and policies related to the profession and the profession, and understand the basic ethical requirements related to the application of engineering technology and information technology;

4. degree conferred

The professional school system for four years, students can receive a bachelor's degree in engineering. Students may continue to pursue their master's degree in this school. This major has two masters of computer science and technology and software engineering.

Main courses:

ØAdvanced programming language (52+38 hours

ØDiscrete mathematics (60 hours)

ØData structure (60+15 hours)

ØThe principle component of the computer (67+8 hours),

ØOperating system (52+8 hours),

ØThe principle of database system (40+20 hours)

ØComputer network (46+14 hours)

ØCompiling principle (52+8 hours)

ØMicrocomputer principle and Interface Technology (50+25 hours)

ØAlgorithm design and analysis (37+8 hours)

ØSoftware engineering (41+4 hours)

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