FAQs about applying to study in TJPU with CSC scholarship( Chinese Government Scholarship )


CSC scholarship information and apply on line:

1.Q: How can applicant find out information about the CSC scholarship?

   A: Applicant can get information for the CSC scholarship programs ( http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74779.html) and apply to study in TJPU with CSC scholarship- university program on line on CSC websitehttp://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login. Tianjin Polytechnic University agency number is 10058.



Pre-admission (Acceptance Letter)

2.Q:Does CSC scholarship-university program require the applicant to provide the Acceptance Letter from potential supervisor in advance?

   A: The Acceptance letter from potential supervisor is not a required  document  for CSC scholarship- university program.

      If applicant apply to study in TJPU through other CSC scholarship programs and to be dispatched by Chinese Embassy,EU office,UNESCO, etc.,School of international Education,TJPU will issue Pre-admission letterto applicantafter screening the application documents.

3.Q: What documents will be required for obtaining Pre-admission letter from TJPU?

   A:.The applicant needs to send in the following documents by email(iotjpu@tjpu.edu.cn)

        copy of your Application form and application document to study in TJPU( download:application form and doument.xlsx)

        copy of your passport



Application fee

4. Q:Is the applicant required to pay a fee for scholarship application to TJPU?

A:The application for CSC scholarship university program is free.


Deadline and address for application document submission

5.Q:When is the begin time and deadline set by TJPU for the application of CSC scholarship-university program?

   A:School of international Education,TJPU only accept paper application document after March 5, 2019 and the deadline to accept the paper application documents is set on April 15th,2019.

6.Q: What is the address for applicant to post the application document for CSC scholarship -university program?

   A:   Admissions Office, School of International Education, Tianjin Polytechnic University

Address: No.399,Binshuixi Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin, P.R.China.Post code:300387   Tel:83955625

7.Q: How can applicant know if the application document posted is delivered?

   A:  Applicant can track the delivery from express mail company or post office with airway bill number or registered mail number.


Degree and programs

8. Q: What degree and program can applicant apply to study in TJPU for CSC scholarship-university program?

    A:Appliant can apply to study in TJPU for postgraduate (Masters and Phd) and undergraduate (Textile Engineering to be taught in Chinese) with CSC scholarship-university program, all of the TJPU program are available in CSC websitehttp://www.campuschina.org/universities_art/index.html?key=D15F63DEE50A2CB2.  and Admission Information on TJPU English website .


Applicant who is studying in China

9. Q: Can applicant who is studying in China apply for CSC scholarship university program to study in TJPU?

     A: Appliant who is studying in China now or stay outside China less than one year after last study in school in China is not eligible to apply for CSC scholarship university program, but such applicant may consult other CSC agency institutions which are responsible for other scholarship programs except university program to study in TJPU.


Scholarship recipient notice

10. Q: When and how can applicant get noticed if the admission as scholarship recipient approved by CSC?

      A: Scholarship recipient of CSC scholarship-University program will receive email and phone call from School of International Education, TJPU in late July, scholarship recipients in the waiting list may get notified later but before the end of August, the Admission Letter and JW201 form will be mailed to the address on application form.


Partial scholarship application as back-up

11. Q: How can CSC full scholarship applicant apply for partial scholarship as back-up?

      A: Since the placements for CSC full scholarship -university program are limited annually, if the applicant also would apply and accept to study in TJPU with other scholarship(full or partial tuition/accommodation fee free) to be offered by Tianjin Municipal Government and TJPU as back-up, the application steps are :

      1).Apply in TJPU on line application systemhttp://en.tjpu.edu.cn/2017/1211/c1043a30084/page.htm.

 2).Download and fill in thescholarship intention form.docx and send to:iotjpu@tjpu.edu.cn.

    The applicant will receive partial scholarship offer on about May and June if the applicant is not in the list of CSC scholarship recipients but in the list of partial scholarship recipients.

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