Broadcasting and Television playwright-director


Broadcasting and Television playwrightdirector


lThe course of Broad casting & TV focuses on training the students

who are able to design program planning, create and produce, improve political quality,organize theoretical knowledge and art appreciation ability. by composing radio and television program planning, writing, editing, producing, writing, and designing and advertising, management in broadcasting organizations and other media, enterprises and institutions.



An Introduction to Radio and Television

Program Planning

Audio-Visual Language

Non-linear Editing

Chinese and Foreign History of Broadcast & Television

Chinese and Foreign Film History

TV Play

Movies on Television

TV Program Producing

Television Camera

TV Lighting

Photographic Art and Technology

the Technological Foundation of Technology of Radio and Television

Communication and Television Directing

Depending on their area of specialization, graduates may find employment as information technology supports and Internet providers in the media industry.



Students award a BA Degree in Arts.


lMost of full-time staff is able to teach the course in English with the experience of oversea education.

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