The Second Foreign Affairs Work Meeting of TJPU was held


In January 7,2016, the Second Foreign Affairs Work Meeting of TJPU was held in 7th Meeting Hall of Administrative Center, President Mr.Qingxin Yang, Vice President Mr.Bowen Cheng, Chief Directors of divisions/departments and Deans of schools, foreign affairs Liaison and student representatives attended the meeting, the meeting was hosted by Mr.Bowen Cheng.


Firstly, Mr.Yaming Jiang, Director of International office and Dean of School of International Education, Ms.Chunhong Wang, Vice dean of School of International Education, Mr.Xingguo Zhang, Vice Director of International Office, made the introduction to the TJPU foreign affairs Developing Plan, the report of foreign affairs work and the interpretation about regulations respectively.




Mr.Qingxin Yang gave an important speech in the meeting. He is affirmative to the achievements of TJPU foreign affairs work and its contribution to TJPU international exchanging and internationalization progress in the period of 12th Five Year Plan, he proposed the meeting theme: Establishing service for TJPU development and aiming for advanced education reflecting internationalization and opening policy to the world. He shared two key thinking for foreign affairs work in 13th Five Year Plan: one is practically upgrading international collaboration, weaving “Macro foreign affairs” developing pattern, build higher level foreign affairs service platform, service the education reflecting internationalization and opening policy to the world; second is practically improving international students educational quality, offering multicultural talent fostering context, reserve the admission source of international students for developing in the long run. Mr.Yang assigned the tasks in “Five Action Plan” in aspects of establishing overseas schools, major and discipline developing, platform establishment, talent fostering and H.R. work, and other tasks related with upgrading the administration and service level of foreign affairs. He expected all staff to make new contribution to establish high level of international administrative and service system for TJPU foreign affairs work .


Mr.Bowen Cheng pointed out in the meeting that all schools and departments/divisions should undertake their foreign affairs work according to their advantages and features respectively. He required the meeting participants to study and convey Mr.Yang’s speech and its essence about foreign affairs work, study and materialize the plan, task and target, strive for the new achievements of foreign affairs work in the coming period of 13th Five Year Plan.


In addition, all participants of the meeting read and discussed documents and subjects related with 13th Five Year Plan, according to the respective circumstances of schools, departments/divisions, they provided their proposals, suggestions and opinions in the meeting.


It can be seen that the international communication and collaboration, international students education work was rapidly developed in the period of 12th Five Year Plan. The number of international students increased to 1232, among whom, students towards degree programs increased to 205, 60 foreign teachers and experts were recruited in total. 72 partner universities in the world were developed, 28 programs of Foreign Intelligence Introduction and Training Abroad were approved, and 72 collaborative programs were established.




As time goes by after the Second Foreign Affairs Work Meeting of TJPU, the gradual and respective realization of TJPU 13th Five Year Plan will bring more joint educational programs and joint educational institutions. It is anticipated that the TJPU foreign affairs work will continue to develop rapidly and steadily and TJPU will upgrade to higher ranking with its internationalization and opening policy to the world.

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