TJPU International Students New Year Party was hosted


On December 25th, TJPU International Students New Year Party was hosted by School of International Education and co-organized by School of Humanities and Laws in the Multifunction Hall of Yiyuan Activity Centre.Teachers from international office and School of International Education attended the party, around 200 international students from 20 different countries and 50 Chinese students joined the party and watched the well-prepared and delightful performance.



Firstly Mr.Yaming Jiang, Dean of Scholl of International Education was invited for a speech in the beginning of the partyhe sent his kindly greetings and sincere expectations to teachers and students for the coming new year. Then the performance started with the dynamic dance “Shake it” , followed by English song “Sparks fly” sang by Chinese student Zimeng Zhang from School of Humanities and Laws, which aroused echo in the audience hearts.



The featured dance is the major part of the performance, including exotic Arabic dancing, strong rhythmical German Marching Dance, Korean popular dance “Anticipation”, dance “Love” combined passion and softness was brought by students from Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan, there is also a lyrical poetry reading in Chinese and English“ when I am old”, Mr.Jianwu Fei sang a moving Japanese song “Set out on a lucky day”, a collection of songs sang in Chinese,English,Korean presented together by students from Combodia, Sri Lanka and Korea. Finally, the Latin dance attraction and performer’s invitation brought teachers and students to the centre of the stage to enjoy the pleasure and curtain call.



The various of cultural elements were presenting and blooming on the stage in the programming of the party and brought a splendid experience in sight and sound. The party offered a platform for representing charming culture of different countries, brought teachers and students more closer and better understanding and friendship among students from different nations .



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