ZUO Fang

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ZUO Fang




Professor Zuo graduated from Communication University of China with a doctor degree in the art of Broadcasting and TV in July 2007. She dedicates herself to her work in introduction to radio and TV, the art of TV, the history of film, appreciation on movie and TV, analysis on Film and TV word and media literacy. She used to be a senior judge for Beijing College Student Film Festival. Now she is a member of law literature research institute of Chinese law association, and a member of Tianjin writer association.


Main Publications:
1. Classic French Films, University of International Business and Economics Press, 2006.
2. Literature History of Multi-Ethnics in Xinjiang province, Xinjiang People Press, 2006.
3. Appreciation of Film and TV Arts, Beijing University Press, 2004.
4. Contemporary Broadcast and TV Art in China, Communication University of China Press.
5. Film Understanding and Writing, Xinjiang University Press, 2003.


6. Gender Narration in TV Series—Cultural Fable at a Particular Time and Space, Contemporary TV, 2010.
7. Construction of Broadcast and Social Justice in New Media Context, Modern Broadcast, 2009.
8. A Research on the System Construction of Tianjin Broadcasting Public Services, Tianjin People Press, 2009.