YANG Hongyan

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YANG Hongyan


Email: kaidongyang@sina.com

Doctor of Law, graduated from Renmin University of China in 2009


Research Interests:
History of Chinese Legal System, Legal Instruments


Courses Taught:
History of Chinese Legal System, History of Foreign Legal System, Legal Instruments


Main Publications:
Ⅰ. Monographs:
1. Legal Instruments, Guizhou People’s Publishing House, 2004.5
2. Book of Tax Administration, China Economic Press, 1997.12
3. Practicing of Contract Law of the P.R.C, China L&A Association Publishing House, 1997.4
Ⅱ. Articles
1. Humiliating Punishments in Ancient China, Chinese Journal of Law, No.1, 2005
2. Historical Limitation of Chinese Traditional Criminal Conception from the Perspective of Harmonious Society, Science of Law Magazine, No.2, 2008
3. Relationship between Thinking about Ethnic Characteristics and Maintaining a Unified National Law, Guizhou Ethno-National Studies, No.3, 2004
4. My Opinion about Humiliating Punishments in Ancient China, Journal of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, No.4, 2000
5. Evolution and Revival of Humiliating Punishments in the West, People’s Court Daily, Sep. 2002
6. Exploration and Reflection of Humiliating Punishments Development in China and Foreign Countries, Changes of Foreign Legal System in 20th Century, Law Press﹒China, 2003.10
7. Network Torts, Dongyue Tribune, No.12, 2008