XIAO Qiang

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XIAO Qiang



Professor with a Master Degree from Daebul University of South Korea


Vice Chairman of Tianjin Law Society,
Director of China Association for Legal Education,
Member of Expert Committee of Tianjin Law Society,
Chairman of Applied Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society,
Vice Chairman of Civil Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society,
Member of Editorial Committee of Journal of Tianjin Law Science


Research Interests:
Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law
Courses Taught:
Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law
Introduction of Legal Interpretation and Reasoning


Main Publications:
Ⅰ. Monographs:
1. Theories of Modern Financial Law, Guizhou People’s Publishing House, 2004.5
2. The Securities Law (Associate Editor-in-chief), Tsinghua University Press, 2010.11
3. International Commercial Law (Chief Editor), China Railway Publishing House, 2011.11

Ⅱ. Articles
1. Legal Reflection on Social Donation, Jurisprudence & History of Law, No.10, 1999
2. The Duty of Disclosure of Insurance Law in China, Civil and Commercial Law, No.2, 2005
3. Defects of Governance Structure of the Securities Investment Funds in China, Law Science Magazine, No.5, 2007
4. Legal Application on Concurrence of Tort Compensation and Employment Injury Insurance, Dongyue Tribune, No.7, 2008
5. Theories of Corporate Social Legal Responsibility, Journal of Henan Administrative Institute of Politics and Law, No.3, 2010
6. The Evolution and Trend of Legal Education in Tianjin, 60 Years of Development of Rule of Law and Science of Law in China, Social Sciences Academic Press, No.5, 2010
7. Feasibility Study on Protection the Indoor Environment by Local Legislation, Law Science Magazine, Vol.32, 2011